WWE’s Alexa Biliss Rescues Happy Logan Paul’s Ex-Pig

WWE’s Alexa Biliss Rescues Happy Logan Paul’s Ex-Pig

Alexa Bliss, WWE
Happy Logan Paul: My Ex-Pit Pig was Rescued
… Animals Need Love, Too! !

1/1/2023, 12:15 AM PST


WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss I am overjoyed at that Logan PaulThe former pig. PearlTelling TMZ Sports All that is important now is the proper care of your animal.

We reported that Logan brought Pearl to California’s horse ranch before moving to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, the pig, who was rehomed once more, was abandoned.

Logan Paul Pig

Many were quick to point fingers at Logan, but the YouTuber was more concerned about Pearl’s condition. It was clear He didn’t know his pet had left the ranch… or that she was in such terrible health until he found the Gentle Barn animal sanctuary. Posted about her TikTok.

Former women’s champion, who owned a pet pork for many years, spoke to us at LAX. She’s not interested in who is at fault but the fact that Pearl is improving.


Bliss said, “Unfortunate though it may be, I’m glad his pig was saved and is now in a better place.”

“As long the animal is well taken care of, it’s everything that matters.”

TikTok / @thegentlebarn

Bliss continues to offer some advice for anyone considering getting an oinker to be a pet: “Mini” pigs aren’t possible… which she would know, having had her own pet. Larry-SteveA Vietnamese pot-bellied dog, named ‘Pot-bellied,’ weighed between 150 and 200 pounds. !

BTW — Alexa’s pig became a social media superstar, with nearly 90,000. Followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, Larry-Steve died After a long battle with a serious illness, I will be able to return home in 2021.

Alexa and Larry-Steve

For Pearl, Logan made a promise to Gentle Barn to do his best…and told TMZ that he hopes to continue to support her in the future.

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