What sports personalities should be considered for Speaker of the House nominations?

What sports personalities should be considered for Speaker of the House nominations?

The House of Representatives needs a speaker. After November’s midterm election, Republicans secured a majority of the House of Representatives seats. It was therefore expected that Kevin McCarthy (Republican House Minority Leader) would be elected into this role. The new Congress will open on January 3. It is now up to the Speaker to appoint new members.

Bis now…nothing.

It’s like nothing.

Rep. McCarthy is unable to get the votes necessary for the closing of the deal. He has failed on eleven consecutive ballots at the time this article was written. It seems that the House can’t elect a Speaker.

We at SB Nation are able to present a number of fine sports personalities as candidates for Speaker of the House. These people should be called by Congress and allowed to serve. Remember, Tommy Tuberville is a senator. Anyone can become one.

Houston Nutt

Your House of Representatives might need some help! This former head coach of college football has had to lead a team of people that probably doesn’t really like one another. If they could get him off CBS, then he would be able to serve full time.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about recruiting violations.

The Rock

Everybody seems to believe that The Rock will run as President in 2024. So why not get him started with something smaller than leading an entire nation? For speaking matters, who better than one of the most renowned speakers in pro wrestling history? It would be amazing if The Rock told someone their role, and then shut their mouth. You have to keep him from appearing in superhero movies. But, I think he will be happy if you offer him a place on Wrestlemania.

Mitchell Trubisky

Mitchell Trubisky of Pittsburgh Steelers was a struggler throwing to the left sideline during his rookie season.

Are you a leftist? He could be the ideal candidate to provide consolation for the Republican Party.

Rob Gronkowski

We should include the Tasmanian Devil, who has incredible vibes. Gronk has no other duties than filming commercials for USAA, and should therefore be completely free. At the moment, US law says that Gronk will become the Speaker if the matter gets to the 69th round.

Jeff Saturday

You know what? It seems that the head coaching idea is not working, so maybe he will find another job out of the blue.

Scott Steiner

They say all representatives are equal. But if you take a look at Kevin McCarthy, and me, you will see that this statement is false. You have a 50% chance of winning if you speak one-on-one with other speakers candidates.

However, I am a genetic freak. I’m definitely not normal. You have a chance to beat me by 25% at best. Adding Byron Donalds into the mix will make your odds of winning dramatically lower. The three-way for Speaker of the House gives you a chance to win thirty times and three more. However, I! But I!

Kevin McCarthy: Take your chance to win the Speaker of this House by subtracting my chance of winning it by thirty-three and one. You get an eight and three-thirds chance. If you add my chance-chance to winnin’, if it was one-on-one, and sixty six and two-thirds…percents then I have a hundred forty-one and two-thirds chance at becoming Speaker of the House. Kevin McCarthy? You are not likely to be elected Speaker of the House.

Air Bud

An iconic figurehead, who is loved by all and can unify people just from the force of his being a good doggo. He should definitely be the Speaker of House. You can also add the fact that he is a ball player and you are destined to be the next speaker of the House.

Bobby Petrino

His new position as Texas A&M’s offensive coordinator is not yet inked, but it hasn’t stopped him switching to a better one. His salary as Speaker is $223,000. This would represent a significant pay reduction from his job. We all know that there are many ways to make a little extra money from lobbyists. I can imagine Petrino being open to those possibilities.

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