What NFL team is the funniest Super Bowl participant?

What NFL team is the funniest Super Bowl participant?

Sport is fun.

They are at least supposed to be.

We thought that the moment of the NFL Playoffs 2023 was the right time to ask this question.

Which team is the most entertaining to watch win the Super Bowl

We are not going to lie, we all agreed on the right answer. Even though some might have been a little surprising, we made the case for several different teams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It is impossible to ignore the impact that Tom Brady’s eighth Super Bowl win would have on his legacy and any retirement plans. But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers victory in the Super Bowl would make this an incredible season.

This would be the first Super Bowl win by a team that had finished its regular season in a losing position.

We have never come close to winning a Super Bowl with a regular-season losing record. That was in 2011-2012, when NFC’s fourth seed finished at 9-7. That team was able to ignite during the playoffs and won three straight games, including overtime’s NFC Championship Game, to reach the Super Bowl.

This was when the New York Giants (9-7) defeated Tom Brady (New England Patriots) for Super Bowl number two in five years.

It’s exciting to think of the NFL winning its first Super Bowl, despite having a losing regular season. Mark Schofield

San Francisco 49ers

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers

Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

They are currently the most popular team in the league and will bring plenty of excitement to both the offensive and defensive ends. Kyle Shanahan’s offense is unstoppable when on the roll and it’s matched with a fierce defense.

The real reason why it would be so much fun for the 49ers to win Super Bowl 56 can be summarized in just two words: Brock Purdy.

A rookie quarterback has never been a starting quarterback for a Super Bowl champ. Moreover, before Purdy no Mr. An irrelevant quarterback has never completed a pass for the forward in a regular-season game. Chad Kelly was the latest of the seven QBs to be drafted. Ryan Succop, the kicker is most well-known. It is irrelevant, remaining active from 2009 and consistently being one of the best kickers in league.

Purdy would be happy to claim the title of Mr. Best if Purdy’s 49ers win Super Bowl. Irrelevant ever. Although Succop is a great kicker, the QB learning curve is vastly different from that for kickers. It speaks volumes that Purdy would be on the bench to help guide the 49ers towards a Super Bowl. — David Fucillo

Buffalo Bills

Is it really necessary to explain that one? The Bills were the nation’s most popular second-team team before this season. The three consecutive Super Bowl defeats of the Bills from 1991-93 are a vivid memory for older fans. They were punctuated with “wide right,” perhaps the worst field goal failure in NFL history. The Bills are a beloved team of losers that young fans remember as wild and obnoxious fans who were willing to turn on each other at all costs.

The Bills’ win would have marked the end of the team’s years-long rebuilding and ascension. We now have Damar Hamlin’s amazing story to complete the season. For those of you who were there, the moment Hamlin collapsed on the field is a memory that will be cherished forever. The story was made even more interesting by the fact that Bills fans were able to wake up after a long coma. As he is now fully recovered, there’s nothing better than watching Buffalo win the Lombardi Trophy for Damar.

Bills’ 2022 season is a great story because of the emotion and drama. James Dator

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

This season, smart NFL analysts spent a lot of time convincing the public that the Vikings don’t have a record as impressive as they claim. Minnesota managed to achieve the almost impossible feat of going 13-4 in overall, while still being outscored by its opponents. Although Kirk Cousins, the Quarterback for Minnesota continues to produce solid statistics seasons, it often seems like his next big mistake could be just around. Also, the Vikings defense gave up fifth-most points in league.

Even though it was the most difficult comeback in NFL history, Minnesota still managed to win nearly every week. The Vikings managed to pull off Ws from thin air and that made most people mad. Imagine how confused the general public would feel if they were led all the way to Super Bowl by the horseshoe-up Minnesota.

This would be the best outcome, because people would get the most upset. It would be even more fun if there were some Justin Jefferson-inspired plays. Although the Vikings are more likely to lose to the Giants in round one than win, I cannot imagine a more bizarre outcome for those who cover this sport every day. — Ricky O’Donnell

Jacksonville Jaguars

Some men simply want to see North Florida’s flames.

It’s hard to imagine what could happen if Jacksonville Jaguars win the Super Bowl. It would be an incredible rebound story, and Urban Meyer would look completely bogus. We’d also get to see Duval having a party like no other.

This is… terrifying.

My best vision of a Jacksonville Super Bowl is those Woodstock scenes ’99 moments when everybody lost theirs and set fires wherever they could. What is the spark that started it all? Limp Bizkit. Do you know where Fred Durst comes from?

Everybody has their definition of fun, but mine is the best. Not required See what would happen if Jags pull off this feat after nearly two decades of frustration and pent-up rage. James Dator

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