Venture Valley will soon launch the 2023 season competitive with two tournaments

Venture Valley will soon launch the 2023 season competitive with two tournaments


Venture Valley will soon launch the 2023 season of competitive tournaments with two main events

Hyper Luminal Games has just announced it will start the 2023 competition game tournament season within a matter of days on its sim Venture Valley. Two tournaments, the Collegiate Cup and the Open Tournaments, will take place over the coming months. These tournaments are completely free and do not require any purchase.

Open Tournaments

Open Tournaments are the first to be live. They will begin on January 16th, and continue until June. They will be held on Discord every month with the results announced the last Friday. Participants over 16 years old can join the Discord server in USA or Canada. This Microsoft form can be used to register.

The first prize winner will receive $2,000 while the second and third place winners will each be awarded $1000 and $500. Those who place fourth through eighth in the rankings will be awarded $100. Randomly, up to 40 players may win $50. After the quarter ends, four of the best players may win $50.


Shelley Miles (CEO of Singleton Foundation for Financial & Entrepreneurship) spoke about this idea and said that: Venture Valley allows you to become your boss, and learn how to be an entrepreneur. These events prepare players for the real world by allowing them to apply the entrepreneurial and business skills that they have learned in Venture Valley.

Collegiate Cup

Collegiate Cup 2019 will take place February 11th and will be held in person. The tournaments will be hosted by many colleges and universities in the USA, including Penn State University, University of Arizona and University of Tampa. While the Open Tournament will still offer cash prizes, there won’t be any elimination bracket competitions.

Venture Valley is a free tool that will help you showcase your business talents.

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