Tracking the new cars for the 2023 F1 season

Tracking the new cars for the 2023 F1 season

The 2022 Formula One season has barely finished, but teams — and fans — are turning their attention to the 2023 campaign. The 2023 F1 season looks to be the most ambitious yet, judging by the original race schedule. 24 races were on the calendar, and while the Chinese Grand Prix was canceled, there are options on the table to replace that event. A 24-race schedule would be the longest in F1 history.

There are also three Grands Prix slated for the United States, also the most in F1 history.

To that end, the teams are looking to the future, scheduling the dates when they will unveil their cars for the 2023 season. Here is a running list:

Alfa Romeo

No date scheduled yet


AlphaTauri announced an event for February 11, 2023 in New York City. The announcement referred to the date as a “livery launch:”

However, the announcement also states that the “AT04 will break cover” on the 11th. Since rebranding as AlphaTauri, the team has designed each vehicle as “AT0X.” Their first vehicle after the rebrand was the AT01, and last year’s was the AT03. Meaning they could also unveil the car itself in New York City.

Stay tuned on this one.


BWT Alpine announced at the start of 2023 that they will unveil their car for the 2023 season, the A523, on February 16, 2023:

Aston Martin

Aston Martin was the first team to announce a date for their unveiling. They will unveil the car for the 2023 season on February 13, 2023:


Ferrari was the second team to announce their reveal date, which is scheduled for February 14, 2023. Valentine’s Day, which is perfect for Scuderia:


No date scheduled yet


No date scheduled yet


No date scheduled yet

Red Bull

No date scheduled yet


No date scheduled yet

This post will be updated as dates are added.

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