Tom Hanks joins the Nepo-Baby Discourse

Tom Hanks joins the Nepo-Baby Discourse

Tom Hanks joins the debate on Hollywood nepotism. Hanks spoke out to The Sun in the UK about his family’s preference for casting his son Truman in A Man Called Otto.

Hanks stated, “Look! This is a family company.” This is what we have been doing for years. This is what our children grew up with. The whole family would put in the time if the business was a plumber supply company or the florist shop on the corner. Even if the inventory is at the end, it’s still time. Below is a video of the interview.

Hanks continued by saying that no matter our last names, it doesn’t really matter. We have to put in the effort to create an authentic and genuine experience for the audience.

A Man Called Otto has a wide release. It will be released in theaters starting on January 13, after a December 30 theatrical release. This film is about an old, grumbly man who lives in suburb Pittsburgh. It’s the second adaptation by Fredrik Backman of his 2012 novel A Man Called Ove. Hannes Holm directed the remake.

Hanks, his son Truman, who plays Tom’s younger brother, are also featured in the film. The film features Mariana Trevino and Rachel Keller as well as Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.

Vulture offers a comprehensive overview, “all but final” and thorough look at nepotism within entertainment. It includes actors, singers and directors “just happens to be the kids of actors, directors, and singers.”

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