The Top 3 Launchpad Tokens Under $1.5M Market Cap to Watch in January 2023

The Top 3 Launchpad Tokens Under $1.5M Market Cap to Watch in January 2023

Launchpad tokens

Launchpads are platforms that allow for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs to start their ventures. They act as incubators for cryptocurrency companies and other initiatives that want to launch their own coins. Launchpads are given a token to use in order to run the system. Launchpad Token has a total market capitalization of $401,265,026, with a total volume trading at $71,652,944.

Notice: The market capitalization of the listed companies is ordered from lowest to most.


  • Pricing Unit $0.01072
  • Market Cap $1,257,507
  • Different Features ADAPad will include various deflationary triggers related to unstaking, selling and IDO participation.

ADAPad ADAPad is the Cardano’s first deflationary launchpad. ADAPad is an incubator program that fosters new Cardano ideas.

ADAPad charges a 10% commission on token sales and early unstaking costs up to 25% as a primary strategy for deflation.

The Alonzo upgrade was announced by the Cardano Foundation. This will allow the ecosystem to support smart contracts and decentralized financing. This will likely lead to an increase in the number of projects that use launchpads such as ADAPad or IDOs on Cardano. Exchange: ADAPAD trades live at the moment

ZeroSwap (ZEE)

  • Pricing Unit $0.02279
  • Market Cap $1,445,854
  • Different Features Since the team created meta-transactions to cover gas costs on miners’ behalf, users will not have to pay any transaction fees.

Multichain swapping will be simple and gas-free for users ZeroSwap. We compensate gas consumers who use on-chain trades using meta-transactions.

This project works on Polygon and Avalanche. Fantom. Binance Smart Chain. Optimism. CELO. Aurora. You can access the products from any dApp browser, mobile wallet or smartphone. It has also been made mobile-friendly.

Other components include the Gasless ZeroSwapDEX and Staking.

ZEE Exchange is trading on CoinW and

GameZone (GZONE).

  • Pricing Unit $0.0224
  • Market Cap $1,434,071
  • Different Features Our incubator program will support the most promising startup and project candidates and give them prominence in our network of launchpads.

Allocations are assigned through GameZone’s Everyone can get a stake in most blockchain-enabled games by using a tier-based system.

Access to higher tiers can lead to more allocation packages that may contain rarer NFTs or more tokens. Also, they have a better NFT-to–token ratio.

GZONE token integrates into the GameZone core product ecosystem. It is meant to be both a gateway for many games and an obligation to participate in initial game offerings (IGOs), and NFT offering (INOs).

GZONE Exchange is trading on and MEXC. PancakeSwap, (V2) currently has GZONE.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be used as investment or trading advice. Before investing in cryptocurrency, or buying it, do your homework.

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