The Record is Straightened by Stylist Law Roach on the Rumored Zendaya Feud

The Record is Straightened by Stylist Law Roach on the Rumored Zendaya Feud

Law Roach, celebrity stylist and fashion designer isn’t going to allow conspiracy theorists between Zendaya and him.

Roach met Lindsay Peoples, The Cut’s editor-in-chief on March 16 to talk about the shocking retirement announcement. The famed stylist shocked everyone earlier this week when he said he would be retiring from the “politics and lies” of fashion. Fans on Twitter and TikTok quickly pointed to the recent video of Roach with Zendaya attending a Louis Vuitton fashion event to help explain their sudden departure. The short video shows Zendaya seated at the front row, while Roach appears to be confused.

Roach did not specifically call out false narratives in his retirement post. Many assumed that Roach was feeling abandoned by Zendaya and the fashion house. These feud rumors were quickly corrected by Roach, and now he is directly responding to the video.

Law Roach shared with Peoples that Zendaya and he were both already exhausted from getting stuck in traffic, and being late for the show. Roach explained that Zendaya is very respectful, and it was stressful because she didn’t want people waiting on her. I’m used to being next to her. So, I thought my seat was right next to her. It wasn’t an issue when I arrived, but it was not my seat. The seat in front of her was not her telling you to go there. It was her telling you, “That’s Darnell’s seat,” which is actually her assistant. Darnell is not going to let me sit there. Then, where is he going? So I stood there, really confused.

Roach explained that Zendaya and Zendaya should be seated next to each other in order for them to feel the clothes’ feelings in real time. He said, “That’s part our relationship and our interaction. Seeing the clothes together.” He said, “And you’ll see, those little cues and such are what make the look.”

He was able to assure Zendaya that there wasn’t any tension and that he didn’t have beef with Delphine Arnault (CEO of Christian Dior, daughter of LVHM CEO Bernard Arnault), who was seated beside him. Euphoria star. Law stated, “Someone was saying, “Law, you must sit.” I replied, “I don’t know where my seat is.” It was really hard because people thought Zendaya didn’t care about me or wasn’t caring enough. Then it was this with Delphine arnault. It was horrifying. So, I now have a beef from LVMH. Delphine Arnault and her family were so nice to me. We went to the after party even though we had just seen the show. We had an entire conversation and I congratulated her for her decision to go to Dior. I was sent a gorgeous bag by her, which is like smelling beef.

Roach’s “definitely 100,000 percent retirement” doesn’t necessarily mean that his relationship with Zendaya has ended. He said, “People will be saying, “Oh, you’re not leaving Zendaya.” But, I don’t need to make Zendaya feel like she’s part of her creative team. So maybe I could choose not to be her stylist. I can also still manage her stylist or do whatever I want. It’s not something I made. Because we are close, she’s giving me grace. We’ve all grown up together. That’s all that I asked for, and it was from people I had worked hard for.

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