The final ranking of Penn State in the USA TODAY Sports Coaches Poll

The final ranking of Penn State in the USA TODAY Sports Coaches Poll

When history examines the 2022 Penn State football seasons, they will record a win in the Rose Bowl. This caps an 11-0 season that saw the Nittany Lions finish 10th in polls. The USA TODAY Sports Coaches Poll will reveal that Penn State was the number one team. The country’s number seven team.

On Tuesday, the final USA TODAY Sports Coaches Poll released. It was published one day after Georgia’s defeat of TCU in the College Football Playoff National Championship. Georgia won the National Championship with the biggest blowout win in the history of bowl games to confirm its position as the No. The coaches poll ranked Georgia as number 1. TCU was the no. 4 team in the College Football Playoff. 2, Michigan was no. 2, Michigan at No. 4.

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No. 2 ranked two places ahead of the Nittany Lions. No. 5 Alabama, and no. 6 Tennessee. Other than Penn State, the remaining top 10 teams were no. 8 Washington, no. 9 Tulane and number. 10 Florida State. Penn Strate’s victory in the Rose Bowl was won by Utah. The final poll by coaches ranked 11th.

The coaches poll ranked the Big Ten’s only three teams, Penn State, Michigan and Ohio State. Minnesota came in second place among other teams that received votes, and was 12 points behind the winner of the no. 25 went to Texas, at 8-5.

Future Big Ten members USC (no. 13.) and UCLA (no. 21) were the Pac-12’s five teams that finished in the poll.

You can view the complete USA TODAY Sports Coaches Poll here.

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