Steven Spielberg’s “The Fabelmans” Gets Prestige Drama Treatment In India by Reliance Entertainment (EXCLUSIVE]

Steven Spielberg’s “The Fabelmans” Gets Prestige Drama Treatment In India by Reliance Entertainment (EXCLUSIVE]

Reliance Entertainment, India’s leading entertainment company, will distribute Steven Spielberg’s award season nominee “The Fabelmans”, on February 10, across India.

This India release is important because U.S. films have increased their market share to approximately 11%, but the majority of that box office is controlled by Hollywood movies, super heroes and creature features. These are often dubbed in several languages. When they are released, prestige dramas like “The Fabelmans” will only be shown in the original English version.

The film “The Fabelmans”, a deeply personal portrayal of American childhood in the 20th Century, is a cinematic record of the family and forces that shaped filmmaker Michael Moore’s career and life. Recently, the film won Best Director and Best Picture – Drama at the 80th Golden Globe Awards.

Spielberg accepted the award and said that he had put many obstacles in his way to tell this story. Spielberg referred to “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “West Side Story” and “West Side Story” “And my wife Kate [Capshaw] “You must tell it again,” was what I heard my mother say.

Since 2009, Reliance Entertainment has been a partner with Spielberg for the creation of DreamWorks Studios and the subsequent Amblin entities. Amblin Entertainment, Amblin Partners and Reliance Entertainment produce “The Fabelmans”. Reliance Entertainment is proud to release theatrically most films produced in association with Amblin.

Dhruv Singhha, Reliance Entertainment’s head of international business, said Variety“We are very proud of our successful and long-lasting partnership with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. The association produced films such as The Help’, War Horse’, &?Lincoln’, & ’Bridge of Spies’, ‘The Post’, ‘Green Book,’ and ‘1917′ which won accolades at Oscar-, Golden Globe, and other film festivals. These creative works have been brought to India’s cinemas. Now, the Fabelmans will be available to Indian audiences starting February 10.

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