StageZero Life Sciences announces an extension of warrants expiring January 20, 2023

StageZero Life Sciences announces an extension of warrants expiring January 20, 2023


TORONTO (ON) / ACCESSWIRE/January 12, 2023 StageZero Life Sciences, Ltd. (TSX:SZLS)(OTCQB:SZLSF) (“StageZeroOr the “Company“, a vertically integrated health company that aims to improve the detection and management for cancer and other chronic conditions through molecular diagnostics and clinical intervention.ExchangeTo extend the expiry of 6,492,420 common sharepurchase warrants (the “Warrants“” expires the 16th or 31st January 2023 to the 31st January 2024.

Original Warrants were issued under non-brokered private placements or debenture converts. No Warrants are directly or indirectly held by Company insiders.

Below is a table that lists the prices for exercising Warrants.

The Issue Date Exercise Price The current expiry date There are many warrants
25-Mar-2019 0.72 31-Jan-2023 722,606
23-Apr-2019 0.8 31-Jan-2023 390,626
23-Apr-2019 0.96 31-Jan-2023 220,797
23-Apr-2019 1.528 31-Jan-2023 319,095
10-Jul-2019 1.48 31-Jan-2023 1,448,597
24-Jul-2019 1.48 31-Jan-2023 566,875
19-Feb-2020 0.56 31-Jan-2023 202,344
08-Jul-2020 0.56 31-Jan-2023 31,250
09-Jul-2020 0.56 31-Jan-2023 78,125
28-Sep-2020 0.56 31-Jan-2023 50,782
29-Sep-2020 0.56 31-Jan-2023 54,688
27-Oct-2020 0.56 31-Jan-2023 15,625
25-Jan-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 62,500
28-Jan-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 273,438
29-Jan-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 490,625
29-Jan-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 343,750
25-Feb-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 23,438
01-Mar-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 9,375
09-Mar-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 234,375
25-Mar-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 31,250
18-Aug-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 62,500
19-Aug-2021 0.56 31-Jan-2023 69,653
16-Jan-2020 0.48 16-Jan-2023 790,106

Amendments to Warrants are effective January 30, 2023. This date is subject to approval by the Toronto Stock Exchange.

We have responded to shareholders that participated in previous financings and applied to the TSX for a prolongation of the warrants issued during those financings up to January 31, 2024. “This is our support for all those who participated in our financings. It also serves as an ongoing source of capital that could fund our continued growth. This amount can be up to C$6.03million if all warrants are exercised,” stated James Howard-Tripp Chairman and CEO StageZero. We thank all shareholders for their continued support.

StageZero Life Sciences, Ltd.
StageZero Life Sciences, Ltd., a vertically integrated health company, aims to improve the detection and management early of chronic diseases such as cancer. It offers next-generation diagnostics, a unique program for telehealth, and clinical interventions that help patients lower their risk of late-stage illness (AVRT(tm).

Aristotle(r) is the Company’s next-generation test. It screens for multiple types of cancer using a single blood sample. This panel has high specificity and sensitivity. Aristotle(r), which uses mRNA technology for identifying the molecular signatures multiple types of cancer, is built upon the Company’s patent technology platform, The Sentinel Principle. The technology’s underlying principle has been used in North America by over 100,000 patients. It was validated in over 9,000 patients.

Aristotle (r), along with additional cancer diagnostics (ColonSentry, BreastSentry, and the Prostate Health Index), are processed by the Company’s clinical lab, StageZero Life Sciences, Inc., a CAP-accredited and CLIA accredited high-complexity laboratory located in Richmond, Virginia. The Company also leverages its expertise in polymerase chain reactions (PCR) testing for COVID-19 testing (swab, saliva and blood analysis) as well as Antibody Testing (blood test).

StageZero Life Sciences trades under the symbol SZLSF on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the OTCQB.

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