Simmitri’s Jonathan Garcia was selected to the EY Entrepreneurs Access Network 2023 Cohort Black/Hispanic/Latino Entrepreneurs

Simmitri’s Jonathan Garcia was selected to the EY Entrepreneurs Access Network 2023 Cohort Black/Hispanic/Latino Entrepreneurs

Out of the nearly 1,000 applicants, 70 were chosen. They represented 15 regions and 10 different industries. They are committed to solving the pressing problems facing consumers and society today.

We are proud to help this group of talented entrepreneurs, both Black and Hispanic/Latino. Their businesses have a positive impact on society, economy, and culture. This is especially true when they can get the resources that will help them succeed over the long-term,” stated Lee Henderson, Americas EY private leader; executive sponsor, EY Entrepreneurs Access Network.

Many programs are focused on small-business owners of color. However, it is difficult to offer broad support for businesses that are not small. Entrepreneurs can access a program that covers critical topics in business, as well as one-on-one guidance, connections with investors and capital sources and fellow cohort members representing potential partners, vendors and customers. After decades of experience working with entrepreneurs from many backgrounds and learning about their challenges and opportunities, the program was created for the first time in 2019.

Our goal is to scale up and innovate while giving back to the communities we serve. “This is an unusual challenge,” saysJonathan Garcia. It takes an entire network to reach our goals as we deal with some of the most important energy problems in California. It was a great opportunity to network with industry leaders and forward-thinking entrepreneurs to help us grow our family-owned company.

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About Simmitri, Inc.

Our company is a Silicon Valley-based, customer-focused business that has a distinctive approach to energy management. We have been providing top-quality solutions to thousands of customers since 1995.

The team includes a variety of specialists, including high-level corporate executives, experienced roof system technicians and energy advisors. They also have experience as installation personnel, operation/install staff, project managers, consultants, sales representatives, and analysts for energy-efficient buildings. All of us are passionate about helping our customers do solar in the right way.

We are celebrating our 28th anniversary in business and remain committed to providing long-term, cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our innovative, effective and leading-edge solutions help homeowners reduce their energy bills. We are proud to be a pioneer in Silicon Valley’s solar industry.

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