Science Fiction Novel –SETI

Science Fiction Novel –SETI

The Best Quote The Science Fiction “SETI Trilogy” Book 1 has been released in these languages: English, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese. The “SETI” storyline centers on a young man discovering the first radio transmissions from alien space civilizations and those who try to take them. End quote

  • 1888PressRelease – January 6, 2023 – TUCSON (AZ), USA – JUST ANNOUNCED Now, the science fiction novel SETISearch for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is available in English, Hindi, Spanish and Chinese. You can find it on Amazon by clicking Books Category in Amazon’s Search Bar, and entering Frederick Fichman as the author.

    Original print publication of “SETI” by Penguin USA in the USA and Canada was published and then published by Headline Press London, U.K. for Australia.

    This story concerns Sam Alexander, a seventeen-year old amateur radio operator who has set out to complete his father’s mission to find deep-space radio signals coming from extraterrestrial civilisations. Sam’s trust in his dad and NASA friends is betrayed when he tells them about his alien transmission.

    Sam’s next contact with aliens is imminent. He makes an impulsive move to enter into fierce competition with his powerful rivals, all looking for credit for the earth-shaking find. Sam’s first contact with an extraterrestrial being may not be the last.
    SETI has international appeal and is fast-paced. Frederick Fichman was the author of it.


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