Salesforce Announces Retail Media Network Innovations

Salesforce Announces Retail Media Network Innovations

Today Salesforce for Retail announced a number of measures that will help retailers increase their data-based advertising business and improve the customer experience.

New research shows that disconnected experiences rank as the biggest frustration among retail customers. However, 65% of respondents said they will continue to shop with retailers offering personalized experiences. Data from double blind study of more than 5,000 shoppers across Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

We care. Salesforce’s retail media network innovations were very broadly described in its release today. However, they are a recognition that this space is rapidly evolving and highly valuable. Advertisers will look to target and buy based on the first-party data, as third-party cookies are set to be removed.

These data are not available to everyone. Big retailers. Salesforce is looking to partner with retailers who are now in the advertising industry.

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These are the innovations. Salesforce for Retail Media has announced new initiatives that will help retailers increase their advertising revenue.

  • To give ad buyers access to targeted audiences, use first-party data.
  • Automated workflows and automation can increase speed and efficiency in advertising.
  • To optimize your campaign’s performance, use actionable insight.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has announced steps to reduce friction within the customer experience.

  • Salesforce Payments is now available as a payment provider for physical stores. This creates a single view of all digital and physical customer transactions.
  • To improve the digital experience of Composable Storefronts (highly customizable and scalable websites properties that are available to retailers who use a headless CMS), implementation accelerators and out-of–the-box analytics, dashboards and dashboards were created.
  • Salesforce AppExchange will now have more commerce partners.

Genie Data Cloud, which was recently introduced, will offer connectors that allow retailers to secure ingest customer information from Azure Data Lake into Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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