Rita Ora Has 30+ Tattoos

Rita Ora Has 30+ Tattoos

Rita Ora's 30+ Tattoos: A Guide

  • Rita Ora has an expansive tattoo collection featuring 30+ designs.
  • Most of her body art is concentrated on her upper torso and arms.
  • From minimalist fine-line designs to several massive feminine figures, Ora’s tattoos are the perfect mood board for inspiration.

In addition to delivering hit pop numbers and serving iconic fashion and beauty moments, Rita Ora has been building a head-turning collection of tattoos that’s a perfect combination of tiny and massive. The Albanian singer-songwriter has more than 35 pieces of ink, a large portion of which are scattered across her upper body, including her arms, back, and neck.

Even though the “Your Song” singer has gotten some tattoos that don’t necessarily mean anything, most of her pieces hold a special significance. From long quotes and one-word tattoos to a tiny fine-line ink and an intricate replica of Alberto Vargas’s pin-up girls, Ora’s assortment of body art is awe-inspiring. It’s also the perfect guide to a beginner who’s ready to dip their toes into the world of tattooing.

The star has been vocal about her love of tattoos, saying it serves to immortalize a sweet memory or a moment in time. “I love art. I love tattoos. It’s not about trying to be cool. It’s about scarring yourself with a memory of your choice,” Ora told Fuse News in 2014.

Ora’s ever-growing tattoo collection features sentimental nods to her siblings and mother, along with matching designs with friends and loved ones. Though she keeps adding new designs, if you want to keep up with the ink she has so far, we’ve rounded up an ultimate gallery that gives you a peek at each one. Continue reading for a thorough breakdown of all Ora’s tattoos and their meanings.


Rita Ora’s Geometric Tree of Life Tattoo

In 2015, Ora unveiled a geometric Tree of Life symbol inked on her upper back during her Elle Canada photo shoot. The classic design consists of 10 intricately drawn circles interconnected to each other with a series of lines. It symbolizes the interrelated nature and balance between all forms of life, according to many mythological beliefs.

The British singer-songwriter also shared the meaning behind her tattoo in a 2017 chat with iHeartRadio, “It’s sacred geometry. It’s all the elements of life, and it was done by one of the biggest legends in the tattoo world, Mark Mahoney, who I’ve been a fan of for so many years. So, when he tattooed me, I was freaking out. He’s amazing.”

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Rita Ora’s Smiley Ear Tattoo

Rita Ora's Smiley Ear Tattoo

Ora was spotted with a tiny smiley ink on her right ear lobe in 2015. In a now-deleted Instagram post, the star quoted a lyric from Nat King Cole’s song “Smile” alongside the tattoo: “Smile though your heart is breaking,” she wrote at the time.

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Rita Ora’s Wishbone Tattoo

Rita Ora's Wishbone Tattoo

Ora got a matching wishbone ink with her close friend Kyle De’Volle in 2014. Both got the design tattooed on the inside of their left wrists. The wishbones are generally associated with good fortune and hopeful, positive vibes. However, Ora went for this design due to the sentimental memory surrounding it. “I have a wishbone, which every Christmas, me and the family, whoever gets the wishbone breaks, and you make a wish,” she shared in an interview with iHeartRadio.

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Rita Ora’s “Love All, Trust a Few, Do Wrong to None” Tattoo

Rita Ora's

Ora has the quote “Love All, Trust a Few, Do Wrong to None” inked in small italic font on her left ribcage that starts on the musician’s abdomen and goes all the way to her back. The quote was popularized after getting featured in William Shakespeare’s play “All’s Well That Ends Well.”

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Rita Ora’s Greek Goddess of Love Portrait

Rita Ora's Greek Goddess of Love Portrait

Among her larger tattoo designs is detailed ink of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, which she got on the inside of her left bicep. In a 2012 interview with Tat Nation, Ora shared the meaning behind the design while offering a closer look at her massive artwork that stretches across nearly her entire upper arm. “This is my favorite. This is Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. I like Greek mythologies; she was like my favorite goddess, so I just got her tattooed on me.” Aphrodite is said to symbolize love, beauty, and passion.

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Rita Ora’s Pin-Up Rib-Cage Tattoo

Rita Ora's Pin-Up Rib-Cage Tattoo

In 2013, Ora expanded her tattoo collection further by adding Alberto Vargas’s pin-up-girl-inspired design on her right ribcage. The detailed artwork features a gorgeous seminaked woman smelling a rose she’s holding in one hand while caressing her bosom with another hand. During her 2014 cover story with Elle UK, Ora opened up about the empowering piece of ink, whom the popstar refers to as “Rosetta.” “It’s based on an original piece by Alberto Vargas, who was an incredible illustrator in the 1930s. He was one of the creators of the pin-up image. That’s our build, our power,” she said.

“That’s why I was obsessed with it; learning what men don’t understand about women and what women don’t understand about men. I was obsessed with the painting a long time ago, and then I got it done six months ago.”

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Rita Ora’s Dove Tattoo

Rita Ora's Dove Tattoo

The “Poison” singer has a flying-dove tattoo on her upper right back that expands from the nape of her neck toward her shoulder blade. She got the tattoo in 2013 from the well-known celebrity tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. Though Ora hasn’t shared the inspiration behind the design, dove tattoos tend to represent peace, freedom, and new beginnings.

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Rita Ora’s Angel-Wings Tattoo

Rita Ora's Angel-Wings Tattoo

Ora has a pair of outstretched angel wings on the back of her right ankle. While she has not confirmed the meaning behind this design, angel wings can often represent security and protection.

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Rita Ora’s Hindi Script Tattoos

Rita Ora's Hindi Script Tattoos

Ora has two sentimental inks dedicated to her siblings, older sister Elena and younger brother Don. She got both their names tattooed on her right arm in Hindi script. The text “एलेना” (Hindi for Elena) is inked vertically along the inside of her tricep, whereas “डॉन” (Hindi for Don) is written horizontally in purple ink on the inside of her elbow.

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Rita Ora’s “All’s Fair in Love and War” Tattoo

Rita Ora's

Positioned near her waistline, Ora got the popular proverb “All’s Fair in Love and War” tattooed in cursive text in 2012.

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Rita Ora’s “R” Tattoo

Rita Ora's

Ora has her name’s initial, “R,” inked behind her left ear.

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Rita Ora’s Archer Tattoo

Rita Ora's Archer Tattoo

Behind her right ear, Ora has a tiny crossbow symbol, an ink dedicated to her zodiac sign, Sagittarius. (She was born Nov. 26, which makes her a Sagittarius.)

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Rita Ora’s “Float” Tattoo

Rita Ora's

At the nape of her neck, Ora has the word “Float” tattooed in small-font block letters, with a tiny circular object floating on the water surface for the letter “O.” The meaning of this tattoo hasn’t been confirmed.

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Rita Ora’s Floral Hip Tattoo

In February 2022, Ora debuted her minimalist fine-line flower ink on her Instagram. The design was done by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter and is placed neatly on her left hip. The singer hasn’t shared the significance behind the beautiful floral design.

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Rita Ora’s “Zog” Tattoo

Underneath her left ear, written in beautiful cursive handwriting, is the Albanian word “Zog.” Ora got this tattoo in 2020, and at the time, she shared the sweet story behind the ink. “When I was younger, my mum @veraor would call me her Zog ‘Zogi mamit’ she would say, which means her little baby bird in Albanian,” she wrote on her Instagram while unveiling the tattoo.

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Rita Ora’s Star Tattoo

The first tattoo that Ora ever got was an underlined star tattoo near her waistline. The singer shared a funny story about why the tiny ink that kicked off her tattoo journey happens to be on that particular body part during her interview with iHeartRadio.

“The first one I got is in a space where I thought my parents wouldn’t see it, which is just at the top of my hip area. Me and my best friend got it together, and it’s basically a star. I got it when I was actually illegal [underage]. I used my sister’s ID to basically go and get it, because we looked similar when we were younger, and now I have 28 tattoos,” she said. Ora further added that she didn’t have any specific reason for getting a star, saying, “I chose a star because it doesn’t really mean anything. So you can put a meaning behind it. It’s like a shooting star or whatever, so I just chose a star.”

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Rita Ora’s Bird Tattoo

Rita Ora's Bird Tattoo

Ora has a beautiful, intricate piece of a pair of birds sitting inside a bird cage inked on her inner right arm. After getting it done in 2019, the singer shared the sweet meaning of the tattoo, saying it represents finding true love and keeping it safe from all things outside, as symbolized by the cage. The artwork likely captures her feelings toward dating in the public eye.

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Rita Ora’s White-Ink Arm Tattoo

Rita Ora's White-Ink Arm Tattoo

While giving Tat Nation a tour of her impressive tattoo collection, Ora shared that she got her best friend’s birthday in Hebrew in white ink on the inside of her right triceps. The tattoo is situated above her elbow, making it an eye-catching piece of ink.

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Rita Ora’s Anchor Tattoo

Rita Ora's Anchor Tattoo

On the side of her right wrist, Ora has a tiny anchor in black ink, which she says is the only tattoo she did herself.

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Rita Ora’s Japanese-Symbol Tattoo

Rita Ora's Japanese-Symbol Tattoo

Ora’s right wrist has another personal piece of ink. She got it in Japan, and it spells her aunt’s name in Japanese.

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Rita Ora’s Feather Tattoo

Ora once again enlisted the help of McCurdy when she got a delicate black-and-white feather inked on the outside of her right hand in 2014.

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Rita Ora’s Rose Cover-Up Tattoo

Rita Ora's Rose Cover-Up Tattoo

Ora later covered up the feather ink with a detailed rose tattoo that starts at the top of her little finger on the right hand and goes beyond her dorsal side.

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Rita Ora’s Ballerina Tattoo

Another captivating artwork in Ora’s expansive tattoo collection includes a chic ballerina figure mid twirl on the outside of the right triceps above her elbow. The singer has shared the childhood story that inspired her to get this tattoo with her friend. “I’ve got a ballerina here with my other best friend Anda because we always made jokes that at night that when we were at 92, we were going to be ballerinas if we survived,” she told iHeartRadio.

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Rita Ora’s Finger Tattoos

Rita Ora's Finger Tattoos

On the inside of her right pinky finger, she has a tattoo that says “Promise,” which she got with her friends. “Then I have a pinky promise that I got with my best friends. We just kind of pinky promise everything,” Ora said. On the side of her right ring finger, she has the word “Love” written in red ink, and on the side of her right middle finger, she got “Hope” tattooed in blue ink.

On the side of her middle right finger sits a simple black arrow design she got in 2014. She says it doesn’t really mean anything, as she got this tattoo on a whim while in Miami. Her friend also got a matching design in the exact same location.

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Rita Ora’s Girl Tattoo on Her Lower Back

Rita Ora's Girl Tattoo on Her Lower Back

Ora was recently spotted with another woman figure tattooed on her lower left back. The stripped-down girl in the design seems to be striking a pose. The singer hasn’t disclosed the meaning behind this artwork yet.

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Rita Ora’s Sword-and-Serpent Tattoo

In 2021, Ora got an ouroboros symbol (infinite-forming serpent) wrapped around a sword with Dr. Woo’s help. The ancient symbol depicts eternity and the never-ending cycle of life.

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Rita Ora’s Finger and Hand Tattoos

Rita Ora's Finger and Hand Tattoos

Ora has various tiny tattoos on the back of her hand and fingers. On the back of her right hand, she has the word “Patience” inked in black block letters. Positioned in the same location on her left hand is the word “Power.” A fine line with a circle in the middle also runs along the length of her left hand. She has an outlined heart ink on her left pinky finger, whereas on her right index finger, she has four tiny dots in black.

Her right ring finger shows a bunch of lines and dots. In 2020, Ora added some delicate finger jewels on the left ring finger, middle finger, and index finger, as well as a little cross on the back of her left hand near the wrist joint.

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Rita Ora’s Dagger-in-a-Heart Back Tattoo

Rita Ora's Dagger-in-a-Heart Back Tattoo

Right below the Tree of Life tattoo, Ora got another tattoo of a dagger impaling through a heart. Though the inspiration behind the design is yet unknown, the metaphor is generally associated with betrayal or heartbreak.

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Rita Ora’s Ear Tattoo

Rita Ora's Ear Tattoo

On her left helix, Ora has three delicate black lines giving the impression of a thin hoop earring, along with three tiny dots below them.

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Rita Ora’s Right Forearm Tattoos

Rita Ora's Right Forearm Tattoos

Ora has a bunch of tiny tattoos scattered across her right forearm. Starting with her elbow, she has a small inverted triangular ink piece on her inner forearm, followed by a waxing crescent moon and a dainty Saturn design, the latter of which is among Ora’s favorite permanent inks, as she told iHeartRadio. “I have a little Saturn, which is actually my favorite one because it’s cute and small. I thought it was the prettiest planet, and I just liked it,” she said of the tattoo.

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