Report: “Strong possibility” Twins Take Carlos Correa From Mets

Report: “Strong possibility” Twins Take Carlos Correa From Mets

On Friday, the rumor mill for Carlos Correa is burning.

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On Friday, the rumor mill for Carlos Correa is on full blast.

Two reports are linking Correa to the Minnesota Twins on Friday. Correa was first reported to have agreed to a deal in San Francisco with the Giants, then allegedly to another deal with New York Mets.

The Mets and Giants are apparently reticent about Correa’s 2014 ankle injury, which led to him having surgery. The Twins were perhaps lurking all the time. Jim Bowden, The Athletic’s sports editor now believes that the Twins should be the team to follow.

Bowden, a MLB Network Radio host said that the Twins are showing some momentum and could surprise us all again. They are involved in Correa, and got an opportunity here. From what I hear, I believe they will take a bit more risk with the medicals than the Mets and Giants in years and dollars. While we’ll never know how it turns out, I believe there is progress. This is not going to end, but I do think the Minnesota Twins are at the forefront of the Carlos Correa issue.

Bowden went on to say that there is a strong possibility the Twins will get Correa.

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There is the possibility that the Minnesota Twins might come in to pick up Correa under the New York Mets’ noses. This is a very real possibility. It’s possible that the Mets will not change their current position.

Jon Heyman, of the New York Post, reported late Thursday that the Twins had “renew contact” Scott Boras, Correa’s agent. Heyman also received word from a Mets source that they still believed the Mets would sign the shortstop, 28-years-old.

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