PlayStation 5 owners are able to breathe an exhale of relief over recent issues with their console. A new report released just a few days ago stated that PS5 consoles displayed vertically could be damaged in the long-term. The report stated that liquid metal in the PS5 could cause internal damage to the hardware if it is left vertically too long. This news was shocking to many PlayStation gamers, but it seems like nothing to be concerned about.

Wololo shared a Twitter update that clarified the issue. He was the original person to share this report about the PS5’s potential problems. This problem does not affect all PS5 consoles, but only those that were opened for repair. It is safe to assume that your PS5 console has not been opened for repairs.

This is it:
We were mistaken when we believed TheCod3r meant that the Liquid Metal issue was only for unopened in-box PS5s. He meant to say that the problem was with PS5s not opened. He was also referred to by several other shops.

— Wololo, (@frwololo), January 9, 2023

This story, now that new information has been obtained, is very funny. Although it may seem strange that the PS5 could be stacked vertically, many long-time gamers have seen numerous hardware failures in the past. It’s a good idea to keep your consoles safe, but PS5 owners should not be worried if they have to stand their hardware up.

Did you ever worry about the situation of vertical PS5 consoles before it began circling last week? Just curious, how do you set up your PS5 consoles vertically and horizontally? Please let me know in the comments, or reach me on Twitter @MooreMan12