Needed: A new global business writer

Needed: A new global business writer

The Economist The company is seeking a global business journalist, with ideally London as a base. This writer is expected to cover thematic topics across all industries and geographies. Below are some examples of thematic coverage. This job involves writing and appearing in podcasts, films, and other media. Economist events.

Experience in journalism is not required. It is important to be able to communicate clearly and entertainly. Strong analytical skills are also required.

Send an email to a CV Here is a sample article that could be published in The Economist to: [email protected]. Your submission should not be published and must not exceed 700 words. Deadline for submissions is February 25, 2010.

Here are some examples

Why companies are hiring furiously despite looming economic downturn
Multinational companies are having difficulty letting go of China
What do big tech and buyout barons share in common? GE
The next wave of corporate fraud: A guide for the sleuth
Snap, Netflix, and Uber: What’s the problem?

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