Nancy Pelosi attacks Maxine Waters and criticizes her anti-Trump rhetoric.

Nancy Pelosi attacks Maxine Waters and criticizes her anti-Trump rhetoric.

Nancy Pelosi waggled her finger when it was reported that Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) called for Trump supporters to harass Trump officials over the weekend. In a subtly corrected manner, the House Minority Leader reprimanded another member of the House. This was in addition to the larger bipartisan debate about civility during the Trump era.

Pelosi (D-Calif.) wrote Monday morning on Twitter that “In the crucial month ahead, we must endeavor to make America beautiful again.” Trump’s lack of civility and daily actions have elicited predictable, but unacceptable responses. We must ensure that elections are conducted in an order to achieve unity across the board.

Waters directly called for protests of Trump’s border policy that encourages family separations and has resulted in her tweet. Waters called for citizens to publicly harass the government at a Los Angeles rally over the weekend and in a TV interview.

Let’s ensure we are there when we need to be. You can see anyone from this Cabinet at a restaurant or in a departmental store. You push them back. You tell them that they are not welcome anywhere. Waters stated that we need to connect the children to their parents.

We don’t know how much damage these children have suffered. We know that they are in prisons. They are in prison. They are in prisons. “I don’t really care what they call this, it’s there. Mr. President. We will be seeing you everyday, every hour, anywhere that we can to tell you that you cannot escape with this,” she said.

Pelosi wasn’t the only person to critique Waters comments.

New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker was a colleague from the Congressional Black Caucus of Waters. He distanced himself during an MSNBC interview Monday.

Waters made the comment following news that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary, was asked to quit Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia on Friday night.

Senator Jeff Flake (Republican from Arizona) stated on Twitter that no one is worthy of harassment. He tweeted, “Left and right, no one deserves this type of treatment.”

Meghan McCain called Waters’ comments “extremely dangersome.”

David Axelrod was the former chief strategist of President Barack Obama and publicly criticized Waters, tweeting that he couldn’t agree more with Waters on Twitter.

Pelosi’s subtle rebuke highlights a growing civil war between moderate Democrats and the far-left. This conflict appears to have infiltrated the democratic party. Salon reported that at least twenty Democrats are aiming to get elected to the House of Representatives this November’s midterm.

Max Rose is running in New York for the House seat.

He stated in a statement that the Democratic Party must show the American public that it is serious about reforming its politics to win back their trust.

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