Modern Machine Shop Announces a New Editor-In Chief

Modern Machine Shop Announces a New Editor-In Chief

Brent Donaldson, the latest of a long line of distinguished leaders, is now the head of the media company that has been reporting for almost 100 years on CNC machining.

Gardner Business Media, Inc. today announced that Brent Donaldson, the editor-in chief of Modern Machine Shop, has been appointed. Donaldson will oversee a team of editors that reports on current trends and news in the industrial manufacturing sector. Donaldson will be responsible for content development and direction for multi-channel media outlets, including and MMS Extra e-Newsletter.

“The changes and dynamics that have occurred in the industry since March 2020 are evident from what we’ve seen.” Donaldson stated that it is crucial for the growth and sustainability of any manufacturer’s company to be ahead of the curve. Modern Machine Shop is committed to providing insight and technology that helps shops succeed today and into the future. This is why we are called Modern Machine Shop. It is an honor to be a leader in the metalworking community.

Donaldson was the editor and writer of Modern Machine Shop when he joined Gardner Business Media. Donaldson also co-hosts, produces, and edits “Made in the USA,” the podcast that specializes in documentary style. He was previously editor-in-chief at NKU Magazine’s alumni magazine, and he developed his skills in distilling technical academic research into compelling stories for an audience. In Cincinnati Magazine for many years, he was a writer/editor and specialized in topics such as true crime, governmental affairs, professional mixed martial art, and more. Ripley’s Believe It or Not employed Donaldson in 2018 to create the brand’s first podcast longform, Ripley’s Believe It or Notcast. He co-hosted, edited, and wrote it as an additional job over two years. Funny facts: His work was published in national and regional magazines, winning numerous awards for his feature writing.

Modern Machine Shop’s new editorial leader is a great time for it to be launched. Bryce Ellis (Gardner’s vice-president of metalworking media) noted that Brent has repeatedly proven that he has both the talent and the curiosity to make Modern Machine Shop a leader in this field. Modern Machine Shop’s leader is Brent because of his ability to explain and understand the intricacies of modern metalworking technology.

Modern Machine Shop’s former editor-in-chief Peter Zelinksi will still serve as the editorial director. Zelinski, who will continue providing expert and unique coverage of manufacturing technology in his new position as editorial director, will guide the editorial team’s day-to-day activities.

Gardner Business Media, Inc.

Gardner Business Media is committed to connecting manufacturers and buyers of technology since 1990. Gardner today uses multiple channels to distribute content to manufacturers. These include digital, print and live events. This allows them to remain competitive in the marketplace and help grow their business.

About Modern Machine Shop

Modern Machine Shop, the North American’s leading media and publication brand, is dedicated to CNC machining. Our staff travels the globe to report on how CNC machining technology advances and succeeds. We send our writers out to explore the methods used by job shops, contract shop and captive operators in order for them be more efficient and effective. MMS offers unparalleled editorial access to factories and decades of industry experience, allowing for long-form content that’s both informative and effective.

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