Mike Jackson is leaving UFC and wants to fight Jake Shields in a gym

Mike Jackson is leaving UFC and wants to fight Jake Shields in a gym

Mike Jackson, the welterweight in UFC, has been removed from the roster as of Monday. C.M. is the fighter who made him famous. Punk confirmed this news to MMA Fighting.

Jackson stated that Jackson’s release had nothing to do with his altercation at the Performance Institute with Jake Shields, a fellow UFC veteran. They plan to sue each other as Shields is allegedly banned from the P.I.

Jackson has a lot to do.

He said, “My mindset was not to beat Jake Shields — but it was to avoid getting punched in my face.” He was in his DMs talking a lot of shit and then his tune changed. “So he is now asking me if I would like to go to Houston to box. “I’ll box you.

I haven’t replied yet but this is my new thing. “He’s coming to Houston or we’re going find somewhere to meet. I’ll take the fight out of him because he did the same thing.”

Shields got in touch also with MMA Fighting, and accepted the callout.

Shields sent a text saying that he would fly to Houston to fight Shields if he shows up. However, he makes excuses after every round. I contacted him directly to confirm that he would be there, but he doesn’t seem to believe he will.

Jackson (1-2,1 NC) says that his UFC release is not a big deal. His lone victory was via DQ.

“I can understand business. It doesn’t really matter to me. “I made more money by not fighting than I did fighting.

Jackson fought Pete Rodriguez in October and was defeated via knockout.

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