Meta’s Page Management App for ‘Creator Studio’ Shut Down

Meta’s Page Management App for ‘Creator Studio’ Shut Down

Are you using Facebook’s Creator Studio? This video-focused platform has been the standard for social media managers to schedule Page content.

It will soon be gone, as Meta is directing Creator Studio users to the Business Suite platform, which integrates scheduling, analytics and messaging in a new management application.

Meta Creator Studio migration

Meta currently encourages Creator Studio users, as you can see in this notification, to switch to Business Suite, which offers more options and management tools. Meta informs users that they can return to Creator Studio but that this option is not available soon.

Business Suite, as mentioned, is a comprehensive page management app that includes messaging and scheduling features. It also offers helpful prompts such top-performing posts from pages similar to yours along with A/B testing tools and tags and integrations of Facebook and IG adtools.

Meta Business Suite

The format of the page is different and could be difficult to get used to. This is not a problem for Facebook managers. Meta seems to encourage us all toward a new Page management application every few years.

This one may be more popular than the other, but it might last a while. Once you get comfortable with it, you will find it a much better choice for managing your entire Instagram and Facebook presence.

Meta added Alerts to Creator Studio to inform users it is closing down and they need to migrate to Business Suite.

You can access Business Suite on your mobile or desktop computer.

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