January 10, 2023 |

Jessica Simpson displayed her toned figure on Saturday while going out for dinner with Eric Johnson in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 42-year-old singer of “Irresistible,” was photographed in black and red as she entered Giorgio Baldi. She enjoyed a date night with former NFL player, who is 43.

Simpson styled her form-fitting frock in a matching black trench coat with matching boots. Johnson wore a casual T shirt, jeans, and a blue Flannel jacket.

This is the couple’s first public appearance months after the fashion designer and pop singer revealed she lost 100 pounds with help from a nutritionist.

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson
Johnson and the singer, who went to Goirgio Baldi, Santa Monica, Calif. for a dinner, lost 100 pounds between 2019-2019.
BACKGRID / The Daily Stardust

Simpson revealed the secrets behind her remarkable slimming down to “Extra” September 20, 2022.

Johnson, a mom to Maxwell (10-year-old Maxwell), Ace (9 years old) and Birdie (3-3 years old) shared their children with Johnson. Johnson added that Johnson “absolutely” feels healthier after she got back into shape.

Jessica Simpson
A nutritionist helped this mom-of-3 lose 100 pounds.
Instagram/Jessica Simpson

“I feel the same as my pre-children and hormones. She explained that she feels younger.

“I feel more energetic and I can wear the clothes I have saved for Maxwell & Birdie. They might be too big for Birdie, as Maxwell is already bigger than me!

Jessica Simpson poses outside
She said that she feels like her old self, before having children, and with all the hormonal changes going crazy.
Instagram/Jessica Simpson

Simpson, who has lost weight since then, often shows off her slim figure by wearing tiny swimsuits and shorts on hot social media photos.

According to the author of “Open Book”, the woman who had struggled with weight issues and her body image in the past told “Today” in April 2021 she lost her scale.

Jessica Simpson
Simpson is often seen in small swimsuits for social media photos.
Instagram/Jessica Simpson

She said, “I threw the thing out,” jokingly comparing it to a Ouija board at church. “[I have] “I have no idea what my weight is.”

Simpson said she also learned to love herself regardless of her size.

I always love my body. It’s amazing that children were born from it, she said. But you don’t think you will ever fit into them again. It’s crazy. It’s amazing what a woman’s body can accomplish.”