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NEW YORK (NY) / ACCESSWIRE / January 7, 20,23 / Inspirery Magazine interviewed Gregg Pierce, Global Capital Partners Fund LLC managing director. Inspirery Magazine interviews business leaders to inspire both new entrepreneurs as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. Interviewees are also able to offer advice and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs. Gregg Pierce is an eminent and well-respected representative of the brokerage and commercial lending industry.

Gregg Pierce was available to answer questions about a range of topics, such as “What advice would your give other entrepreneurs just starting out,” how do you hire and delegate work, and what piece of advice did you wish someone had given at the start of your career.

Gregg Pierce replied, “There’s no single solution to this problem; each situation is different and the best way to divide work depends on its environment.” Here are some tips to help you assign tasks efficiently:
1. Please indicate the goal or outcome you are aiming for.
2. Each person has their own advantages and disadvantages.
3. Make sure everyone knows their obligations.
4. Make sure you are clear about the expectations and when they should be met.
5. Provide regular direction and advice along the way.
6. Always be available to answer questions and offer assistance if needed.

Gregg Pierce then spoke about fear management, the main anxieties that he faced as an entrepreneur and his thoughts on current economic conditions. He also suggested a habit for entrepreneurs. When asked about his approach to rejection, Gregg Pierce replied that it was never easy but that you must learn from each experience. It’s possible to learn from rejection, but it is not always your fault. You can identify your strengths and reveal when you are unable to control it. You will gain more experience, which can help you avoid repeating the mistakes you made. It’s OK to fail when things aren’t going your way. Keep trying, because every situation is different.

Pierce said, “I think there are some factors that have made me successful.” My success has been largely due to being humble and grateful for the successes I’ve had and the support that I received along the way. We can be too quick to point fingers at external causes of our failures, instead of looking inwardly to see why we succeed. “I believe maintaining a balanced view has allowed me to stay grounded and has made me more successful.

Gregg Pierce loves this quote: “Leadership means lifting someone’s vision, the boosting of one’s performance, and the developing of an individual above its usual limitations.” This quote is fitting given Gregg Pierce’s long history of helping customers and colleagues realize their potential through mentoring and commercial partnerships.

Gregg Pierce is the Managing Director at Global Capital Partners Fund LLC

Gregg Pierce, a well-known financial analyst is known for his views on hard money loans and how they affect the US economy. As the managing director at Global Capital Partners Fund LLC, Pierce advises businesses from all industries. His outstanding reputation includes exceptional customer service, quick loan closings and many lending options. Global Capital Partners, a private international lender, is located in New York City. They offer a range of financing options, including permanent financing, hard cash loans, private lending and commercial real estate financing. Because of its simple loan application process, it is considered one of the best mortgage lenders. It has been a great help to many people over the years and extremely lucrative. Global Capital Partners has financed more than $2 billion worth of transactions. Global Capital Partners’ expertise in private loan finance allows it to quickly close loans of $1MM up to more than $100MM, for property and construction as well as equipment.

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