Get your taxes done hassle-free with Tax Partners. A 2023 ThreeBestRated (r) award-winner from Newmarket

Get your taxes done hassle-free with Tax Partners. A 2023 ThreeBestRated (r) award-winner from Newmarket


Do you work for yourself and are involved in commercial activity? You may be aware that managing a business requires a number of tedious and complex tasks. Tax preparation and filing can be a difficult task, particularly for small-business owners or self-employed. No matter how big or small your company is, there are certain duties that you must fulfill when preparing tax. What are these obligations?

  • You must record all income, no matter what your earnings. You will face penalties if you don’t record how much money flows through your business.
  • Personal income tax must be paid and Canada Pension Plan contributions for net self-employed income.
  • Keep complete, detailed documentation for at least six years after the close of each tax year.

It’s quite stressful is it not? This is where tax services come in. Although you may believe you are able to handle all of it on your own, this takes up much of your time that could have been spent doing other things. Tax services can help you make this a reality. With their tax knowledge, tax services can make the process easier and complete the task in no time. You will be updated on all tax developments by them. It is important to choose a tax company that is proficient in accounting and taxes.

Tax Partners, a well-respected firm in Newmarket Ontario that has been providing accounting and tax services for over 39 years, is highly respected. The firm is well-versed in many areas, including international tax, crypto tax and accounting and business law. They can therefore be a great choice.

Information about Tax Partners

There are 27 accountants in the firm, as well an administrative team. Some accountants were former employees at Canada Revenue Agency. This firm is proud to say that Tax Partners can do anything in accounting or tax. We have a team of highly skilled employees who work closely with owners and business people to help them realize their dreams.

Tax accuracy is what you need to remember. This comes from years of experience. A team of skilled accountants will be able to provide the most effective solutions for all your issues. The firm strives for accuracy in taxes and accounting without the need to deal with the CRA yourself.

Tax Partners has always been focused on providing client-oriented services. Tax Partners proudly serve 8,640 clients each year, 82.36% being self-employed or small businesses. Clients with high expectations have reached out to them for tax assistance. They strive to exceed their client’s expectations and provide 24×7 service to make sure they are happy all year.

They have been ranked in the Top 3 Tax Services in Newmarket for the past six years due to their unwavering commitment and precision in calculations. They have to pass a 50 point inspection by ThreeBestRated(r), each year, to ensure they are at the top of their class.

Tax Partners is committed to helping their clients in every way possible. Through their YouTube channel, Tax Partners educates their clients on accounting and tax topics. Tax Partners provides a free initial consultation to their prospective clients, so click here to get to know more about them:


In 2014, Three Best Rated(r), was founded with the sole purpose of ranking the best 3 businesses, doctors, lawyers, restaurant owners, healthcare providers and all other local business in each city. Our employees carefully select each business. Our 50-Point Inspection checks the reputation of each business, their history, complaints and ratings. We also check for proximity, quality, customer satisfaction, costs, overall excellence, reviews, etc. Only businesses are displayed that have been verified by employees. This is what other places call “hard work” or “unnecessary”. It is what we call “due diligence” or “the right thing.” For quality assurance and up-to-date business information, our website is regularly updated.

The honor of being able to help 4,000,000 customers each month locate the top businesses in every city is shared by Three Best Rated.

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