Five Science Fiction Movies With Science Fiction

Five Science Fiction Movies With Science Fiction
The illusion of floating through space is created by blue streaks.

Modern science fiction films often use science fiction to fill in plot holes or to feature action and explosions. It’s possible to use a time travel portal as the deus ex Machina. This is an advanced robot or alien that only wants to kill everyone.

These movies are as enjoyable to me as any other movie. Some filmmakers make an effort to envision other realities or technologies in a way that is inspiring, but not all. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the movies have to look like a paper from MIT on quantum entanglement, but they do spin a good yarn inspired by real science.

Below are some less obvious options, rather than the more commercial choices. Interstellar Or 2001 Or ChefThe science fiction film in which Jon Favreau meets Scarlett Johansson, and Sofia Vergara. This is the future that I desire.


Primer This is the most amazing time-travel movie that I have ever seen. It feels almost like you are watching a documentary on two men who created a time machine. This is evident in the lack of special effects or even their presence. It isn’t a flashy movie: no chase scenes or bright portals that beam light at characters, and there is no fast-paced aging. A garage is where two men create a time machine. It’s so real-looking that you want to make notes.

There are some flaws. It’s a dense film that could benefit from more clarity in storytelling. This is why you can find multiple charts online to help you understand what happens. It’s still compelling and may make you want to contact a friend to see if they’re free to help in your garage.


A good movie about science fiction should at the very least create a feeling of wonder. Annihilation This is done with concepts that aren’t explored much in films, so it feels like something from a movie. Twilight Zone Episode (one of many good episodes, and not the pig-face thing).

Secretive research is conducted by scientists to discover if the natural laws have been altered. Hijinks ensue. It does fall short of the core error that science fiction films often make. The film focuses too much on scare scenes and horror, which distracts from the movie’s more important plot. It’s still a decent effort, and another reminder not to go in the woods without your friends.


It would be a shame if most dinner parties ended up looking like the one in HarmonyIf I could, I would show up more often to their events. The party takes place on an evening of an astronomical anomaly. Friends see their reality bend in ways that are not connected to excessive drinking.

It has doppelgangers, glow sticks, secret codes and is far more fun than dining parties that have people asking you what your interests are and pretending to be interested. The film is an independent low-budget movie with dialogue that sounds like it came from a single room play. The movie is a lot of fun, with few explosions and spaceships.

Dark City

The Matrix And Dark City You are among two films similar to each other that were released around the same period. This I prefer to think is because of spite (like that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm featuring spite stores. All of us benefit. Dark City It is an amalgamation of Fugitive With film noir and futuristic comic books. I may be missing some genres, such as German expressionism. Dracula, etc).

It’s happened to us all. We wake up one morning and are no longer the prime suspect in several murders. Then we get chased by people wearing hats that can fly. These are the visuals Dark City These are breathtaking, with the buildings merging into one another and peoples’ lives remaining on an elusive veil. You don’t have to be a film geek if you are interested in becoming one. The Matrix You can reply, “Actually I prefer.” Dark City“But don’t be this guy. Both can be good.


Moon It’s admirable that he took a basic science fiction idea and explored the logic. You also get to see Sam Rockwell go crazy for over an hour. It’s a win-win situation. An engineer for lunar mining is leaving his home to find a newer version of himself.

There’s nothing worse than a roommate in bad space. It’s a film that is both familiar and foreign, which allows us to imagine a world that could be ours. Yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if a company did what they do. How-To Geek employs me exactly in this way, for all I know. However, I could be wrong.

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