Find Art for Your Home

Find Art for Your Home

Although rt can add color and personality to your home, it is not cheap. You want to make sure that the items you buy will last a lifetime. Whitney Forstner is the creator of INTO/ART art-curation agency. She offers tips for people who are looking for the perfect art to decorate their home.

Is there a starting point to find art?

My clients tell me what is most important in their lives and I can help them find art that reflects this. They might love blues or greens if they are fond of the ocean. I can also see if they are a fan of rock and roll. This can help you find art you love, now and in the future. When you are entering a space, think about what you see. Also consider where you rest your eyes. This can be a great way to determine if a specific wall is needed or not.

What is the difference between art in different rooms?

Each space within a home has its own personality and requires unique art. You can hang large, traditional pieces in your living room, depending on how you decorate. In the kitchen, it’s easier to have more fun and be spontaneous. It’s possible to find a piece of artwork that is unexpected and doesn’t match the decor in your home. You need kitchen art that is resistant to splatters and smells.

We want people to calm down their bedrooms by choosing more peaceful pieces. A painting in blue or green will reflect the space’s natural color. This can make a big difference to the feeling of the room. Oranges and reds can increase energy which can be counterproductive to the natural beauty of the bedroom. It also makes the space feel unbalanced. Although you might not be able to pinpoint why you feel good about a room, it is the mix of furniture and art that makes you feel this way.

Which shops should you shop for jewelry?

First, you should shop local for artwork created in your area. Visit their studios and see multiple pieces to get an idea of the scale and scope of their work. You can often borrow art from artists for approval. This is where you have the opportunity to temporarily display the piece before you buy it. If you find something you like, ask to take it home so you can try it out in your own space.

Instagram and Etsy allow you to find artists all across the United States. You can also look up the artists they follow to expand your visual world if you discover an artist that you love. After you have found something online I suggest printing it out or a version and putting it on your wall. Although it is not an exact rendering of the piece, this will give you an idea of where you are going. It’s also possible to cut cardboard out and compare the different sizes of the art you have on your walls. You can also use this method to get an idea about the size of an item.

You have some suggestions for those with lower incomes.

Art doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can find amazing art at any price range. If you’re lucky enough to find an artist just starting out, it is likely that they are still learning and trying new things. It’s a wonderful way to help an emerging artist, even if the price is higher.

You don’t need to be afraid you won’t have the money for a large piece of furniture. You’re better off saving your money to buy the perfect piece than to fill up a wall with too many small things. The more costly pieces, however, are great and recognize the artist’s expertise and journey.

Art can be an investment. What do you do when your style changes?

Art should change with you. Every piece of artwork should be able to fit into multiple spaces in the home. You can move it to another room if it is not needed in the living or dining rooms. You can place it in your child’s bedroom or bathroom. You can make it visually appealing without making it the main art of your home. You’ll find a home for the artwork if you take time to purchase it early. That memory will always be a part of your home.

Do you have any advice for those who want to create a collection?

You should be patient with blank walls. Don’t rush to make a purchase decision. People rush to buy the wrong artwork, or they regret it later. The right thing will come to you if you’re patient. It is possible to find items that bring joy and make you feel good.

When it comes to purchasing art, there is no right or wrong decision. It’s personal and what makes each home unique. It doesn’t matter if we have the exact same couch, pillows and wall colors. But it is the artwork that makes our homes unique. This is all about what you love and how your space should feel. Your art collection should be a reflection of you and have meaning. It can change the atmosphere and make you feel happy when it is connected to you. This is the beauty and power of art.

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