Factbox: China requires COVID testing for all visitors

Factbox: China requires COVID testing for all visitors

Jan 12, 2012 (Reuters) – Authorities all over the globe are considering or imposing curbs on travelers from China, as COVID-19 caseloads increase following China’s relaxation of its “zero-COVID” rules. China rejects criticism of COVID data.



Beginning Jan. 5, the United States required all Chinese travelers to undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing. Every passenger flying from China must have a positive result for COVID-19 tests within two days of departure. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans should not travel to China or Hong Kong.


Officials from the European Union recommended Wednesday that all passengers traveling to and from China should undergo a negative COVID-19 screening before they fly. The EU government officials also recommended that all Chinese passengers travelling to the EU should use face masks. They suggested that random screening be done by EU governments for passengers coming from China.


People travelling from China to Cyprus by air will need negative COVID-19 testing starting Jan. 15, according to the health ministry of Cyprus.


According to Baltic News Network, all international travelers who fly to or from China should wear medical masks. International travellers to China and to China must also use medical masks.


Germany will soon implement new rules to allow Chinese travellers to enter Germany, according to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach on Thursday. However, it’s not possible to predict when the first flights from China will be affected.


Two government officials announced Thursday that air travelers from China to Greece must prove they had tested negative for COVID-19 at least 48 hours prior to their arrival.


The government stated that Sweden would require Chinese tourists to prove they are not positive for COVID in order to be allowed into the country.


As of January 5, passengers arriving from China will need to undergo a negative COVID-19 pre-departure test, the Department of Health announced Friday.


France requires that travellers arriving from China provide negative COVID results less than 48 hours prior to departure.

A government official said that France would conduct random PCR COVID testing upon arrival of Chinese travellers starting January 1.

France has asked all 26 European Union members to conduct COVID testing on Chinese travelers.


Australian Health Minister Mark Butler stated that travellers from China will have to take a COVID-19 negative test starting Jan. 5.


For travellers from China, Hong Kong and Thailand, the country requires a COVID-19 positive test report. If they have symptoms, or test positive for these diseases, passengers from such countries will be placed in quarantine.


Ottawa stated that air travelers from China to Canada must be negative for COVID-19 within two days of departure.


On Jan. 4, the prime minister announced that Japan will demand negative coronavirus tests within 72 hours for passengers who board direct flights from China. This is in addition the existing rule that any passenger who has been to China within seven days of their flight will have to undergo a COVID-19 screening upon arrival in Japan. Positive passengers will need to be quarantined for seven days.


Italy ordered COVID-19 virus sequencing and antigen swabs for all Chinese travelers. Malpensa airport in Milan has begun testing all passengers coming from Beijing or Shanghai.


For Chinese tourists arriving in Spain, they will need to have a positive COVID-19 or complete vaccinations.


Malaysia will test all passengers arriving from China to determine if they have fever.


The Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Centre has required all travelers from China this month to undergo PCR testing upon their arrival.


Health authorities stated that South Korea would require foreigners from China, Macau, and Hong Kong to submit negative COVID results prior to departure.


From Jan. 3, people from China will be barred from Morocco.


Qatari state media agency QNA stated that travellers from China will have to submit a negative COVID-19 result within 48 hours after their departure.


The government last Monday announced that Belgium would test the efficacy of wastewater from Chinese planes to determine if it is suitable for COVID versions. This was part of a new strategy against the spread and expansion of coronavirus.


According to The Times of Israel, Aryeh Dieh, the new Health Minister, announced that there are now COVID-19 requirements for travelers from China. This is in addition to other countries that have imposed restrictions due to a rise of infection.


The Dutch government announced Friday that China-bound travellers will have to prove they passed a negative COVID-19 screening before being allowed into the Netherlands. This requirement will take effect from Tuesday.


According to Portugal’s health ministry, passengers from China will need to prove that they have passed a COVID-19 negative test within two days of departure.

Portugal stated that passengers arriving from China could undergo random testing for “genomic sequencing of variants in circulation” to ensure a proper assessment of their epidemiological status.


Thailand reversed Monday the measures it had announced by its aviation regulator the day before that required international travelers to present proof of complete COVID vaccinations or a letter attesting their recovery from the virus prior to flying into Thailand.

On Monday, the health minister stated that no proof was required for vaccination as global immunisation is sufficient. However, those who are not vaccinated will be allowed to enter without restrictions.



According to Manila’s Health Ministry, the Philippines believes there is a need for increased monitoring and enforcement of border controls on incoming persons from China.

Compilation by Bernard Orr, Liz Lee and Neil Fullick; Editing by Neil Fullick

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