Ex-Trump Org executive sentenced to five months imprisonment for tax fraud scheme

Ex-Trump Org executive sentenced to five months imprisonment for tax fraud scheme

Erin Doherty

After a lunch recess, former CFO Allen Weisselberg returned to courtroom during the trial at New York Supreme Court in New York City on November 17, 2022. T

Former CFO Allen Weisselberg in a New York Supreme Court trial on November 17. Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

The Associated Press reported that Allen Weisselberg, former Trump Organization CFO was sentenced Tuesday to serve a five-year sentence for helping organize a tax fraud scheme in the business of the ex-president.

The news is driving: Weisselberg (75) was sentenced for five months and placed in custody. His sentence will be served at Rikers Island, New York.

  • Weisselberg will also have to pay almost $2 million in penalties and taxes. He will be on probation for five years, in accordance with his plea deal, according to AP. According to reports, Weisselberg could qualify for an early release and be released after serving a minimum of three months if he behaves well behind bars.

Here’s the big picture Weisselberg, who pleaded guilty to tax fraud conspiracy in August, admitted 15 felonies.

  • Weisselberg, along with the Trump family business, were accused of taking $1.7 million “off-the-books” compensation from the organisation.
  • In December, the Trump Organization was found guilty of tax fraud.

They are saying this: Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney stated in a statement following the sentencing that “In Manhattan you must play by the rules regardless of who you’re or what you do.”

  • “Now, [Weisselberg] Bragg stated that two Trump-related companies were convicted of felonies, and Weisselberg would serve jail time for his crimes.
  • These consequential felonies have exposed the inside workings of Trump’s businesses and their CFOs’ actions.

Editor’s Note: The story has been updated to include additional information.

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