Eva Sarandon, Susan Sarandon’s daughter describes growing up with famous parents

Eva Sarandon, Susan Sarandon’s daughter describes growing up with famous parents

Eva Sarandon, Susan’s child shared a TikTok video discussing her “circus” growing up in a celebrity family. It’s not all bad.

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Eva AmurriWho are their parents? Susan SarandonAnd Franco Amurri–might be open about her childhood as a celebrity child.

The 37-year old responded in a TikTok to a comment asking if other children of famous parents had influenced her.

Eva stated that Eva grew up alongside a number of celebrity children. Later, Eva explained that there is a common bond that people feel when they grow up in this weird world.

Eva claimed she had interacted with “nepo baby” during her time at home, while her parents were working on different film projects. (Susan is the best-known for this).Thelma and Louise And StepmomFranco, on the other hand, directed several films.Flashback And Da grande.)

She said that whenever my parents were filming a movie or any other type of TV series, there would always be other children of the directors and actors who would also be present.

Blogger continued to describe the bonds that are formed with families who have been in the limelight because of their fame.

Eva said that people who grew up in the business often compare it to being in the circus. In the sense of being able to spend such surreal times of your life closely connected with others.

She also noted that friendships she had made with her family over the course of their lives did not always last. Some people lose touch with each other when they aren’t in frequent contact.

Eva said, “One thing that is really disorienting in the acting world, is that when it’s over, many times people go their separate ways, and then you sort of disappear back into your real life.” Sometimes it can feel really depressing.

Eva said Eva has many great memories from her childhood, and she is grateful for the people who were close to her.

She noted that “you spend time together, and then you kinda always have that something in common.” We grew up with some families and stayed in touch over time. Some families are more close than others, but it was a great experience to be able to learn that way.

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