ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky Offers a Prayer to Damar Hamlin during ‘NFL Live!

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky Offers a Prayer to Damar Hamlin during ‘NFL Live!

Recording an episode on ESPN’s Tuesday was difficult because of the grim weather. NFL LiveDan Orlovsky offered a sincere prayerDamar Hamlin‘s recovery. TheBillsSafety is now in critical condition in hospital after the patient suffered cardiac arrest. Monday Night Football After he fell on the field.

Orlovsky stated, “Maybe it isn’t the best thing to do, but it’s on my heart that Damar Hamlin needs me to pray right now.” “I will do it loudly, I am gonna close my eyes and bow my head, then I will pray for Damar Hamlin.”

Orlovsky continued to pray with Marc Spears and Laura Rutledge, bowing and closing their eyes.

Hamlin, currently at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, was told Tuesday by Dorrian Glenn that Hamlin needed to be revived two times after his heart stopped beating.

Glenn stated that they revived the man on the ground before bringing him to the hospital. Glenn added, “They then revived him again when they took him to the hospital.”

Glenn’s update is in line with the Bills tweet on Tuesday morning, which stated that Hamlin had his heart beat restored by field medical staff before being taken to the hospital. Glenn also told WIVB-TV Buffalo that Hamlin now has 50% oxygen, after initially being on 100%.

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