Edwin Chiloba, a prominent LGBTQ activist, has been found dead in a metal box

Edwin Chiloba, a prominent LGBTQ activist, has been found dead in a metal box


Kenyan police are looking into whether Edwin Chiloba, a fashion designer and LGBTQ rights advocate from Kenya was killed in a hate-motivated attack.

Chiloba’s body, which had previously spoken about being attacked, was discovered in a box near Eldoret. It was identified the next day. According to BBC, a moto-taxi driver saw the metal box being discarded by men inside a vehicle without license plates.

Chiloba spoke out in support of gay rights in Kenya where homosexual relations between men are illegal. This is punishable with 14 years imprisonment. The murder was condemned by the country’s largely ignored LGBTQ community. Galck+ shared their feelings on Twitter: “Words can’t even describe how we feel right now,” Galck+ wrote. Another soul has been lost to hatred. Your presence will always be felt.”

Chiloba’s murder and the time Chiloba had lived in the box since his death are not known by police. His last post on Instagram was Dec. 29. He wished his followers happy holidays.

Rights groups in Kenya, where more than half the openly homosexual population have been attacked, believe that Chiloba’s death was politically motivated. The murder was horrible, but it was made worse by the way that his body was left behind. Edwin’s murder reminds us of queer bodies continuing to be under attack throughout the country,” wrote the Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission on Instagram. They called the act “loathsome.”

According to a spokesperson for the police, the statement was made by local media outlets. The Star Chiloba’s body was discovered in “women’s clothes” by his wife. However, they did not reveal a motive. We don’t yet know why Chiloba was murdered in this manner. She said that experts are investigating the case.

In recent years, a number of Kenyan gay rights activists were murdered, including Sheila Lumumba who was killed last Year, Erica Chandra (trans activist) and Joash Mosoti (both killed in 2021).

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