Compliant Workspace introduces the Consolidated 365 Cloud Service

Compliant Workspace introduces the Consolidated 365 Cloud Service

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.Jan. 5, 2023PRLog Compliant Workspace is the exclusive Microsoft 365 Cloud Service Provider to small business. Consolidated 365 ServiceFor more information, visit: All in: $24.97 per Month per User This is a turn-key solution that allows companies to get on the Microsoft Cloud completely secured and protected, right out of the box.

Companies today want to move their operations to Microsoft 365, but they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. There is also fear about paying extra for unnecessary services, and there’s no clear way to do it. Doing the wrong thing can lead to downtime, or worse, data loss. Microsoft cannot help as they are primarily targeting large businesses with their services. Businesses, particularly those working in the health, legal and financial sectors, are concerned about cloud compliance and making sure that employees and data are properly stored.

“We made the Consolidated 365 Service Especially for small businesses that need to migrate to Microsoft 365, but worry about how secure they’ll be. They don’t possess the IT skills required to comply with data security rules on the Cloud. We also fully appreciate that businesses who move to Microsoft Cloud are by default not secure. Their data is never backed-up or retained. In fact, if any employee deletes something, it could be lost forever.

Our Consolidated 365 Service Three features allow small businesses to get on the Microsoft Cloud, and comply with any data regulations.

One: 365 Cloud Migrate Service

Compliant Workspace Consolidated 365 Service Our roadmap provides a path to businesses who want to migrate to Microsoft 365. Cloud Migrate Service. Cloud Migrate eliminates the need to guess about getting onto the Microsoft Cloud. First, you will receive a prepared Microsoft Tenant that is ready for migration.

Secure email accounts with Exchange Online and 50GB mailbox space per employee are available.
Ready to go, a company SharePoint website.
OneDrive Storage: Each user receives 1TB storage that can be used to transfer data from their computers to the cloud.

This will ensure that businesses don’t experience downtime when migrating and minimize the chance of losing emails or data.

Two: Pre-Set Security Template 365

Companies who move to Microsoft Cloud want to remain cybersecure, particularly small-sized businesses that don’t have the technical expertise required to set up all security settings. We are The 365-Day Pre-Set Security Template It enables Microsoft 365’s most advanced security features, including locking down the cloud prior to firms moving there.

Our 365 Pre-Set Security Template has many features

Anti-Phishing using Spoof Intelligence
Attachment filters to block Malware, Ransomware and other malware
Use Safe Attachments or Safe Links to prevent malicious code from being embedded in your messages
– Advance Alert Policies to ensure IT is emailed to employees when they download bad attachments or links.

Three: 365 Cloud Protect

Businesses need to have their data stored on the Microsoft Cloud. It is vital because Microsoft default doesn’t back up anything and they won’t keep it in compliance. This is our 365 Cloud Protect Plug-in Consolidated 365 automatically detects, backs up and retains data when employees use it in Microsoft 365. For added security, it’s transferred to another platform from outside the Microsoft cloud.

Cloud Protect protects everything created by users while doing their job. In other words, it provides full protection of data on the Microsoft Cloud, including emails, contacts, calendars, SharePoint sites and OneDrive data.

Long-term data retention built-in to the Microsoft cloud. Granular Protection, Offline Data Exports and Offline Data Exports are available from the backup. Non-destructive restorations of users or other users. When IT and auditors need to have access to records, it is important that businesses can create custom admin roles.

Information about a compliant work environment:

Compliant Workspace, the Microsoft 365 Cloud Service Provider that offers a patented cloud service for Microsoft 365 is the only one. unique approach For getting your business on the Microsoft Cloud. The consolidated service was designed to assist businesses in getting fully secure and fully protected out-of the box. It also provides a path for migration. Security template pre-set Our Cloud Protect Plug-In That backs up all data and keeps it safe.

Patrick Lonz
Compliant Workspace for President
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