Chris Santos Raised The Steaks in Las Vegas with Stanton Social Prime

Chris Santos Raised The Steaks in Las Vegas with Stanton Social Prime

Stanton Social Prime will be opening at Caesars Palace

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Celebrity chef Chris Santos is launching a Las Vegas meatery. This is the Get Chopped Judge and Tao Group Hospitality will officially open Stanton Social Prime in Caesars Palace Tuesday, March 21st. Guests can look forward to an extravagant version of the New York City eatery where Santos earned his fame.

Stanton Social’s original opening in 2005, had been around for 14 years on New York’s Lower East Side. It was well-known for its rock’n’roll vibe and playful, global-inspired riffs on small plates. Stanton Social Prime is located adjacent to Tao Group Omnia nightclub. Santos will be bringing back his popular mashups such as his French onion soup dumplings or his crab cake corn dog.

Stanton Social Prime, a 200-seat restaurant designed by Rockwell Group is now open. Santos describes it as “a modern version of a steakhouse.”

Santos, two of his chefs and a Texas cattle ranch worker spent a week researching the restaurant’s design. Santos created a menu that includes beef from America and some Japanese beef. Stanton Social Prime will be serving the Brandt Beef103 cut. This is a huge Southern California Holstein Tomahawk that has the short rib. The 64-ounce cut is prepared by separating the shortrib and braising it in sake before serving with bone marrow. The tomahawk can be hung from a trellis and lit with cognac.

Black Regiment contains Bulleit whiskey, Carpano Antica vodka, and Amaro Montenegro … [+] Cinnamon and liqueur

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Santos says, “That’s our signature large wow steak”, and charges $475 for the Tomahawk.

Additional highlights of the menu include 50-day-old dry-aged bone in rib eyes from Snake River Farms and skirt steaks from Western Reserve.

Santos describes the Japanese beef as “just a stick butter” when he looks at it prior to cooking it.

A 10-ounce Brandt Beef Filet Mignon, a Brandt Beef filet, is available. It’s served with pink peppercorn sauce, pickled red onions and pink oyster mushrooms.

Santos, who is also the face behind Beauty & Essex in New York and Las Vegas, is a chef with a mixture of confidence and whimsy. He creates Stanton Social Prime’s version of steakhouse sides.

Before being set on fire, a tomahawk must be hung from a tree.

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He says, “It’s all about having fun.” My team and I take ourselves seriously. Although we are making tater-tots, our team calls them dirty tots because they’re very large. These are handmade, and they’re probably four times larger than regular tater-tots. They’re served with caviar and lobster crème fraiche.

Also on the menu is crispy miso eggplant and chicken Parm as well as steak tartare. This comes with a crispy comte-filled quesadilla, loaded baked potato puree, and crispy bacon. There are three options for seafood: a chilled oyster tower, lobster mac and cheese and yellowtail crudo. This dish pays homage to al pastor. It is served with pineapple ponzu and grilled pineapple.

Stanton Social Prime desserts are, like the rest of their menu, designed to be shared and easily Instagrammable.

Stanton Social Prime boasts a glamorous dining area.

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Santos states, “Save room for dessert because our desserts really are over-the top.” We have a strawberry milkshake that is all edible. Even the straw and cup. A giant peanut butter chocolate cake has to be weighed in at a whopping pound and a half. A key lime pie that is very strikingly shaped has been created. This movie theatre sundae comes in an attractive container that looks just like the popcorn boxes you see at the cinema.

Stanton Social Prime is all about the food.

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