ChatGPT should be banned in schools or adopted by them instead.

ChatGPT should be banned in schools or adopted by them instead.

Schools and universities have banned ChatGPT AI because it writes in human-like manner. However, some teachers suggest that it could be incorporated into their curriculum.


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12 January 2023

By Jeremy Hsu

ChatGPT Chat with AI and artificial intelligence. Chatbot with artificial intelligence that helps man search for answers

ChatGPT can be used online by anyone who wants it

Iryna Khabliuk/Alamy

The US schools and other educational institutions have announced bans on ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot. This is in response to fears that students might use it for their homework. Bans might be impossible due to the difficulty of ChatGPT reading text. It is time for a rethink on how students learn and are evaluated.

“Educators start to wonder what it means for educators to… evaluate student learning if an AI is able to write an essay.

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