Business Grants up to $50,000 available in the United States

Business Grants up to $50,000 available in the United States

Entrepreneurs can receive small business grants to help them achieve many goals. These could include energy upgrades or hosting special events. The amount of these grants will vary depending on the purpose and goals. Cities and other local agencies announced grants programs this week with many different purposes and funds. For a complete list, please read on.

Indiana Technical Assistance Program

To help small business grow in Indiana, the Indiana Small Business Development Center has just created the Indiana Technical Assistance Program. This program provides technical assistance to eligible small businesses in the state and funds for various improvements projects. These can range from technology development to grant writing. Open for applications from January 16 to February 17, 2017.

Grants for Businesses in the United States

Tulsa Route 66’s Special Event Grant Matching Programme

Vision Tulsa has launched a grant program that will support businesses located along Historic Route 66. Route 66’s Special Event Grant Matching Program aims to help existing businesses overcome barriers and encourage new entrepreneurs to open their doors along the route. The current program has approximately $25,000 of available funds. However, the organization plans to increase its resources over time. Matching grant funding is available to support special events. Events must be open and free to the public. They must also be located along Historic Route 66. Each year, eligible businesses are allowed to host one event for free.

Honolulu Small Business Recovery Funds

Honolulu County and the City of Honolulu have partnered with the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii in order to award $10 million to small-businesses. Companies that are eligible can apply to receive grants of $15,000-50,000. Oahu-based businesses that employ less than 500 people must be Hawaii residents, have a current tax bill, and are not in default of any taxes. The business must have been in existence prior to 2020, and can prove that it has lost revenue as a result of the pandemic. Starting January 30, the city will take 400 applications.

Alexandria BIPOC Grants

Alexandria recently launched a grant program that supports Black and Indigenous-owned businesses. Businesses must be local-owned and run in Alexandria. They also need to have less than 100 employees and at least 51 per cent Black, Indigenous, or People of Color-owned. Companies must plan to continue operations in Alexandria until at least December 31, 2023. Priority will be given to businesses that have not yet been awarded any COVID-19-related federal or local grants. The grants may be $1,000-$7,000 in value and awarded according to a first come first serve basis. Open for applications on January 26, and ends on February 10.

Cherokee Small Business Grant

The Cherokee Small Business Grant is available to small businesses located in Cherokee County Georgia. The grant program, which is funded by the American Rescue Plan Act for businesses that employ less than 500 people, is available to all independently-owned and operated companies. This program is open to companies who aren’t currently the dominant company in their sector. Application periods open January 16 through January 31.

Bloomington Solar, Energy Efficiency, & Lighting Program

Bloomington, Indiana offers grants for small businesses who want to improve their building efficiency, such as installing solar panels. Up to $25,000 may be available for grants. The city also offers technical support to businesses and nonprofits that wish to apply. Businesses and other organizations that are eligible for the 2023 Solar, Energy Efficiency & Lighting Program (SEEL Program) must employ less than 500 people and have a minimum of 3,000 square foot. With permission of the property owner, organizations that lease their buildings can apply. Starting January 18, applications will be accepted in a continuous manner.

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