Buffalo Bills: BREAKING: Damar Hammer Out of Hospital

Buffalo Bills: BREAKING: Damar Hammer Out of Hospital

After suffering cardiac arrest, Buffalo Bills safety Damarhamlin was released from hospital just one week ago.

According to a Dr. William Knight statement, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamelin was discharged by the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He has returned home to Orchard Park.

Knight stated, “We are delighted and proud to announce that Damar Hamlin was released from hospital and has returned to Buffalo.” I can assure him that he’s doing great and that this is just the start of his next phase of recovery.

Hamlin was released on Monday, exactly one week after suffering cardiac arrest in the first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals.

He will be leaving Cincinnati to go to Buffalo for further testing and monitoring.

Hamlin took to social media after Sunday’s win by the Bills over the New England Patriots. On Saturday, he released his first statement since Monday’s illness scare.

Hamlin stated, “When you give real love into the world, it returns to you three times as much.” The Love I received has been overwhelming. But, I am grateful for everyone who prayed for and helped me. This (brought the world) back together. You know me well enough to know that this will only make me more powerful. Keep praying for me, even though it’s a hard road.

Evidently inspired by Hamlin’s story, the Bills will play host to the Miami Dolphins in an AFC Wild Card matchup.

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