Barstool Sportsbook Ohio: $1K bonus for any NFL Week 18 game

Barstool Sportsbook Ohio: $1K bonus for any NFL Week 18 game

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Barstool Sportsbook Ohio has offered a $1,000 bonus for bettors on all games during the final week of NFL Regular Season. You can sign up Use promo code NEWSWEEK1000 to get this bonus in any state that has a sportsbook, even Ohio.

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Welcome Bonus for New Players

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Barstool Sportsbook Ohio offers a $1,000 bonus to new players. To get the offer, simply register using these links and use promo code NEWSWEEK1000

Today’s schedule includes 14 games, many of which have huge playoff implications. While the Philadelphia Eagles could secure the NFC’s top seed, Ohio bettors are likely to focus their attention on two AFC North matches. You’ll be able to redeem your promo code for a second game if you sign up using our promo code.

Register Barstool Sportsbook Ohio offers a $1,000 bonus for new players with the promo code NEWSWEEK1000 This bonus can be used on any NFL Week 18 match.

Barstool Sportsbook Ohio Offers $1,000 to New Players

Ohio’s sports betting launched one week ago. Barstool Sportsbook Ohio decided to offer their user promotion from the launch. The promo offers bettors two chances to win their first winning wager with the online sportsbook. You’ll receive a cash win and your bet back if your first wager is successful. You will receive a bonus amount in bonus money from the sportsbook that you can use for other games if your loss is greater than zero.

This means that if you wager $600 to the Cincinnati Bengals winning at home against Baltimore Ravens, either one or both of the following will occur. You’ll get a cash refund and your original wager back if the Bengals win. If Cincinnati loses, however, you will get $600 back in bonus money from the sportsbook to be used on Sunday evening or late-afternoon games.

Barstool Sportsbook Ohio: How can you lock-in a $1,000 new player bonus

Registering for an account at Barstool Ohio takes only a few moments. Sign up using the link on this page, and enter promo code NEWSWEEK1000. These steps will allow you to receive a $1,000 bonus as a new member.

  • Register Barstool Sportsbook Ohio
  • Enter promo code NEWSWEEK1000
  • You can deposit using online banking or another method.
  • You can add funds to your account
  • Navigate to your favorite game
  • You can place a first wager up to $1,000 in any market

Our promo code can lock in a bonus for new players that will back your first wager up to $1,000. If your wager loses you will be able to redeem the bonus cash from sportsbook on any other game this week.

Huge NFL Week 18 Matchups

The Ravens and Bengals are locked into their playoff spots, but a win can help build momentum for next week’s Wildcard round. Philadelphia, who welcome back Jalen Hurts as their starting quarterback on the NFC side of the ball will be looking to win the top seed. New York Giants will be facing the Eagles, the third NFC East team to reach the playoffs.

Drama is at the bottom of every conference’s playoff standings. For the AFC South division, Jacksonville Jaguars will face off against Tennessee Titans. Jacksonville will need a lot of support to reach the playoffs, whereas Tennessee would lose completely. The Green Bay Packers, NFC’s side, can make it to the playoffs if they win against the Detroit Lions.

You can sign up Use the Barstool Sportsbook Ohio promo Code NEWSWEEK1000 to receive a $1,000 bonus as a new player for any NFL match.

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