Apex Legends Players Get Promising SBMM Update

Apex Legends Players Get Promising SBMM Update

Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment has provided a hopeful update to players who are frustrated by the skill-based matchmaking system in this game. Respawn Entertainment has updated their website. Apex Legends Developer said it ran a few tests to see if it could match up players in more equal matches. Although these were only tests and there is no way to know when or how they will look on live servers, it should be enough to appease anti-SBMM fans.

This update was originally shared in a Tweet from Respawn’s Twitter account earlier in the week and retweeted on the official Apex Twitter account. The tweet was accompanied by a squiggly-lined graphic that showed three distinct undefined regions. Two of these were normal while the third was the testing region. The latter region was able to complete their games with at minimum one kill, or higher than any of the others from mid-December through January.

We conducted matchmaking testing in one region over the holiday season to ensure more balanced matches. As players make more kills, we are seeing encouraging results (pink line on the graph).

We will continue monitoring and we’ll have a blog that provides more insight! pic.twitter.com/1oScoz0sAl

Respawn (@Respawn), January 3, 2023

You’ve heard a lot about SBMM. Apex This should make multiplayer gaming more fun. This “promising result” simply means that there are more matches with more kills. More kills usually mean more fun matches. Although it is possible to have fun with this arrangement even if someone gets eliminated more often than a consistent kill rate, it can be better for everyone involved than ending the match without any kills.

These were just tests, which were conducted in an unidentified area. However, we will hopefully not have to wait too long to learn more about Respawn’s plans to implement these changes if they prove to be successful. Respawn promised that it will have a blog with additional insights and information on the subject in the near future. We’re eager to learn more. Apex’s SBMM will be in full swing soon.


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