An announcement of the PS5 Project Leonardo Accessibility Controller kit

An announcement of the PS5 Project Leonardo Accessibility Controller kit

PS5 Project Leonardo Accessibility Controller kit Announced

William D’Angelo
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Sony Interactive Entertainment showcased Project Leonardo at CES 2023. Accessibility controller kit for the 5.

Contributions from many people helped to design the controller kit. Accessibility experts, game developers, and community members. This program is designed to assist players with disabilities in playing games for longer, easier, and more comfortable periods of time.

Below are details about Project Leonardo, available via PlayStation Blog

Project Leonardo, a PlayStation 5 controller that makes gaming accessible, was announced today at CES. Project Leonardo, which was developed with the key contribution of accessibility experts, game developers and community members, is the codename we use for our highly customizable controller system that “out-of-the box” allows many people with disabilities to play video games for longer durations, with more ease, comfort, and greater enjoyment.

PS5 Project Leonardo Accessibility Controller kit Announced

Talking to accessibility specialists and amazing organizations such asAbleGamers,SpecialEffectAndWe’ve created Stack Up, a controller with many configurable options that can be used in conjunction with accessibility accessories. It also integrates with PS5 to allow for new gaming possibilities. This controller was designed to solve common problems faced by players who have limited motor control. It can be used for those with difficulty gripping a controller, pressing small groups of triggers or buttons accurately, and positioning their thumbs and fingers on standard controllers.

These are the main features.

Experiences that are highly customizable

Customizations of hardwareThe Project Leonardo PS5 game allows gamers to create their very own gaming experience. This kit includes many interchangeable parts, such as buttons and analog sticks caps in various sizes and shapes.

These components can be used by players to create a variety of control layouts. You can adjust the distance between the analog stick and the gamepad to fit your preferences. This allows players to choose the configuration that best suits their strengths, mobility, and other physical requirements.

PS5 Project Leonardo Accessibility Controller kit Announced

Software customization.The PS5 console offers a variety of ways to personalize Project Leonardo’s play experience.

  • Buttons mapping
    • Multiple buttons on the controller can be programmed for any function. Players can also map multiple functions to the controller’s buttons (e.g. “R2″ + “L2”) on one button.
  • Profile control
    • You can save your button programming settings in control profiles so that you can switch them easily by using the profile button.
    • The player can store up to three control profiles and access them from any PS5 console.

Uses other accessibility accessories and devices in conjunction

Project Leonardo is available as either a standalone controller, or in combination with other DualSense or Project Leonardo wireless controllers. Two Project Leonardo controllers or one DualSense wireless controller may be combined to create a virtual controller. This allows players to match their devices and play together.

PS5 Project Leonardo Accessibility Controller kit Announced

Players can, for example, augment their DualSense controller by using a Project Leonardo or two Project Leonardo controls on their own. An additional option is to have a friend or relative help you control your game character using a DualSense controller, or another Project Leonardo controller. You can turn the controllers on and off dynamically, or use them in any combination.

The Project Leonardo can be expanded via four 3.5mm-sized AUX ports. This allows for the support of a wide range of third-party accessibility accessories and external switches. Project Leonardo can be used to connect buttons, specialty switches and analog sticks. External accessories can dynamically be connected and disconnected. Each can also be set up to behave like any button.

PS5 Project Leonardo Accessibility Controller kit Announced

Flexible, adaptable design

Project Leonardo’s split-symmetric design makes it possible for players to position the analog sticks in any order they choose. It can be laid flat on the table or placed on a tray for wheelchairs. The controller can be attached to AMPS tripods* and mounted on a tripod. It can also be orientated 360° for maximum comfort. To match the preferred orientation of their controller, players can program the “north” orientation on the analog sticks.

So Morimoto, a designer at Sony Interactive Entertainment shares his insights about how his team tackled the industrial design for Project Leonardo.

Project Leonardo, which is part the PS5 product line-up, is built on the same design principles. The idea that all PlayStation players can enjoy the same world together inspired us. We tested many designs together with accessibility specialists to find solutions that address the key issues of controller usage. The’split’ controller design allows for near-free-form thumbstick movement, is easy to use without holding, and offers flexible stick and button cap swapping.

Project Leonardo is customizable by players so there’s no one “right” form factor. They can create and modify their configurations. You can use different accessibility accessories with the controller to make your own unique design. The design process will not be a one-off affair. Instead, players and I will collaborate on it.

Looking forward

We are currently developing Project Leonardo and continue to receive valuable feedback from our community. Thank you to all of the amazing organizations and accessibility specialists who have supported us during this endeavor.

Thank you to all those in the gaming community that have advocated for more accessibility. We are inspired every day by your passion and you are why we do what we do. We consider it a great honor to help you create better products. We are looking forward to more information, such as additional features or launch times.

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