Aliyah is a trailblazer. Meet Aliyah’s Interlude. The Fashion Icon who Conceptualized #Aliyahcore

Aliyah is a trailblazer. Meet Aliyah’s Interlude. The Fashion Icon who Conceptualized #Aliyahcore


Shade Room’s 2023 Women’s History Month “She is a trailblazerThe “series celebrates women who broke glass ceilings or made significant contributions to social media. These trailblazers are inspiring and will inspire future generations.

Content creation has never been easier. Aliyah’s Interlude a proven woman to beThe Social media’s “IT Girl”

This Atlanta-based fashionista has a strong presence on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, which has allowed her to put her eponymous aesthetic–#Aliyahcore–onto plenty of people’s radars!

Aliyah brought her #Aliyahcore style to the internet

Aliyah is not only captivating her fans through stunning photos but she also provides many tutorials for how to get the #Aliyahcore style look. You can accessorize with many accessories such as doubled up belts and fishnets.

For #Aliyahcore, mini skirts can be made from bikinis, statement-making boots and midriff-baring tops. These outfits are cute and spicy and are unapologetically bold.

Pink is also essential to #Aliyahcore. Other colors such as black, white and red are frequently incorporated.


A GRWMM #aliyahcore EXTRA EDITION! I had to return to my pink roots! #aliyahcore #fyp

Original sound – Aliyahsinterlude


Reply to @romiomi1711 FINALLY TYLING BIG RED BOOTS in ALIYAHCORE!! Handsomegirly #fyp @aliyahcore #greenscreen earmuffs

Original sound – Aliyahsinterlude

These images have attracted a lot of attention, and inspired people to create their own Aliyah-inspired look by hashtagging #Aliyahcore.

It is important to note that style can be worn by everyone as Aliyah demonstrated with men in the past.


Responding to @jamess.raww The First Aliyahcore Outfit for 4 Men, It can be either feminine or masculine lol. Check out @SajalieX Music #fyp #aliyahcore

Original sound – Aliyahsinterlude

Aliyah is a trend-setter who has attracted a lot of attention to her style.

Fashion is my favourite form of art, because it allows you to create something every day.

— ? –???? (@aliyahInterlude January 24, 2023

We need to realize just how fitting and cute it is that a black girl has an entire aesthetic named after herself. What about other black girls? For other black girls? #aliyahcore

January 24, 2023 — Pussy in the World (@ashchubbybunny).

Aliyahcore TODAY, aliyahcore TOMORROW, aliyahcore FOREVERRRRR

— az so mf cute (@Azsocute) January 15, 2023

Her Actively ‘Making Strides in Fashion & Beauty

We are not only pioneers in her own style, but also HaveTo give an a shoutout Aliyah’s other great moves!

First, Aliyah was a big draw for MAC Cosmetics. She appeared in a commercial to promote Locked Kiss Ik. IKTR!

Gabriette and me in a commercial together I won! !

— ? –???? (@aliyahInterlude February 15, 2023

Aliyah also walked in London Fashion Week recently, and Aliyah was even able to close MOWALOLA’s show.

Just walked in my first show at @MOWALOLA_ during London Fashion Week & ended the show

— ? –???? (@aliyahInterlude February 18, 2023

Aliyah joyfully shared her reflections on the major fashion moves of Aliyah last month. She noted that it was so inspiring to see a girl with dark skin making progress in the fashion industry.

It’s amazing to see a black girl in the fashion business making progress. !

— ? –???? (@aliyahInterlude February 19, 2023

It’s also worth noting that #Aliyahcore ardent fans will be happy to hear that she recently spoke out about the possibility of starting her own bag brand.

I will definitely release a collection by the end of this year. However, i don’t want it fast fashion. It’s going to take some time.

— ? –???? (@aliyahInterlude February 23, 2023

Aliyah is a fashion icon and Aliyah continues to be a popular choice.

We are so proud to have Aliyah as our Interlude and can’t wait for what this fashionista will do next!

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