7 places to get paper craft supplies for your business

7 places to get paper craft supplies for your business

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There are many advantages to making paper crafts, professionally and personally. Paper crafts allow you to express yourself and make money selling the products. Paper craft supplies allow you to manage your business, create new products and explore scrapbooking ideas. You can also make jewelry or other home décor items. We will show you where to find your paper crafting supplies for 2023.

Market for Paper Crafting in 2022

Paper crafting has seen steady growth, particularly in home décor and greeting cards. The creative paper crafting market has seen a steady increase in demand as customers are constantly looking for unique designs that they can use to decorate their homes and gift others. Paper crafts can include flower supplies for creating new mixed media products and personalized scrapbooking.

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The Best Places To Buy Paper Craft Supplies and Art Supplies

Many companies sell quality paper products and supplies that will help you grow your business. This comprehensive listing includes all the top-rated brands as well as some newer ones.

1. Amazon

Amazon’s online shop for papercraft makers has everything you need. There are many products to choose from, such as different papers and embellishments, accessories, packaging, and gift wrapping.

2. Etsy

You might consider Etsy if you’re thinking of starting your own craft business. There are many supplies available to suit all kinds of projects. You can even personalize them and make something unique. You may be able to find bulk shipping and supplies from some sellers. It is worth speaking with them to determine if you can save.

3. View Art Materials

Blick Art Supplies offers a wide range of supplies and accessories to help you run your paper crafting business. Blick has a wide selection of boards and papers for all your crafting needs. Blick also offers paper supplies for origami and bookbinding to make your products stand out in the marketplace.

4. Jerry’s Artarama

Jerry’s Artarama is a well-known name in craft, offering many options to create paper products for your home. You can purchase transfer, tracing, stock and many other materials from Jerry’s Artarama to create your paper products.

5. Michael’s Arts & Crafts supplies

Michael’s is a well-known company that has offered excellent pricing for paper products. You can easily shop online at Michael’s to fulfill all of your crafting requirements. Michael’s offers bulk options which are a great way of reducing supply costs.

6. Factory-Direct Craft

Factory Direct Craft is another company worth considering if you’re looking for paper supply companies. Factory Direct Craft offers great prices, which allows businesses to cut costs on project supplies. Factory Direct Craft offers a wide range of paper products, such as ornaments and papier-mache. They also offer a variety of cardstocks.

7. Art Supply Warehouse

Art Supply Warehouse, another store that offers supplies and projects at a single location is Art Supply Warehouse. This store offers paper for many projects including scrapbook decorations, Bristol paper and digital printing. The Art Supply Warehouse website allows you to search for the right options and make savings on shipping, depending on how many items are purchased.

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Essential Paper Crafting Materials

Many tools are available that will help you create paper crafts for your projects. These include scrapbooking and home decor as well as card-making, jewelry making, and other crafty activities. We will now look at the essential supplies that you require to make paper crafts for your company.


If you’re thinking of cardmaking or other projects, a heavy piece of paper like cardstock is a great option. You can use cardstock in many different ways and even try new methods to make your crafts goods.


Paper crafting is a great way to add embellishments like gems, stones and lace.


You can make your own stickers or purchase stickers that you add to your paper crafts.


Stamps can be used to create a unique element depending on what type of papercraft you’re making. To add creativity to your projects, you can either make or buy pre-made rubber stamps.


A high-quality ink will transform any project. It is possible to create beautiful effects with the right pen. Depending on which pen you use, ink can be used to sign and decorate your finished work.

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Business Essentials: Papercraft Tools

You have many options when it comes to adding tools to papercraft businesses, including die-cutting or specialized supplies. They can be:

Paper Trimmers

When crafting more exact types of paper craft, paper trimmers can be useful. They will help to achieve a uniform appearance when creating paper goods.


You can craft professional-looking products with a pair of good paper crafting scissors.

Die Cutting Materials

If you’re looking for inspiration to make different kinds of paper goods, then a die-cutting device might be something that you consider. You can create different sizes and shapes for embossed and sticker-type paper products with die cutting.


For paper crafts, strong adhesive options such as acid-free foam adhesive are required to preserve their appearance without causing damage.

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What is paper crafting called?

Origami is the most well-known paper crafting technique. This Japanese art involves folding paper into various objects.

Which type of paper is best for paper crafting?

The craft will determine the kind of paper that is used. Cardmaking, for example, may need a heavier paper while scrapbooking might require a lighter paper.

Which paper crafts are the most popular?

Customers love many types of paper crafts. Cards and invitations are the best types of paper crafts to sell.

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